Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Spoilt for choice

I was seeking out the lyrics to Hugh Laurie's excellent song 'Mystery' today, and one of the sites Google found me proclaimed:

Our HUGH LAURIE Section contains all the songs you could possibly want.

A proud boast, and perhaps also rather a bold one, given that their HUGH LAURIE section contains... no songs. Now, I'm no great music buff, but even I, when trying to imagine how many songs I could possibly want, tend on the whole to go for a number in excess of nought. Still, even if this was a little disappointing, they were about to win me right back on side with a truly astonishing offer.

Browse our entire collection of HUGH LAURIE SONG LYRICS for free!

The entire collection? For free? Sirs, your generosity overwhelms me.


James Lark said...

I'll happily give you the lyrics of "Mystery" for no charge, John. When I was but a small boy it was one of my party pieces, before I started writing my own material and realised that I was not, in fact, Hugh Laurie. So I can also give you the chords if that's at all helpful.

Unknown said...

Oh, I love that song. Know most of it by heart. Could you send me the chords, James?

James Lark said...

I'll dig them out for you James. The original's in G minor, which I transposed down to E minor to suit my youthful vocal chords. Because I was not, in fact, Hugh Laurie.

John Finnemore said...

Update: If you yourself are looking for the lyrics, they can be found under the post 'The Mysterious 'Mystery' Mystery', August 2006.

Anonymous said...

Could you send me the chords, too? It would be most appreciated!

All the best,
Glenn Strycker

Anonymous said...

I would greatly appreciate the chords as well. preferably in the original key and in the transposed one.

thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Does any one know where I get the "Little Girl" lyrics?

Anonymous said...

I too would like the chords.

Jourdan Dixon said...

Do yo have the chords to "Little Girl"?

hakan altan said...

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Anonymous said...

I would love the chords or even the sheet music, thanks

Unknown said...

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