Thursday, 7 September 2006

A second Pooter

So, yesterday morning I had a nice hot bath. I know, thrilling already, isn't it? Then I dried off, stumped back into my room, glanced at the mirror... and saw to my horror my cheeks and forehead were covered in little thread-like broken capilleries. Bright scarlet ones, too, clearly leaking vital arterial blood straight into my skin. Well, I've seen enough episodes of 'House' to know what this was all about. Any moment now the camera was going to zoom up my nose to show the massive brain haemhorrage I was undergoing, then I'd slump comatose to the floor, then there'd be the opening credits...

Oh. Unless of course the little thread-like broken capillaries were actually not so much thread-like as... threads. From the brand new bright red towel I bought yesterday. With which I'd just dried my scratchy, bearded face. Ah.

It looks like I'm going to pull through.


Anonymous said...

This day was my birthday.

John F said...

I hope you're pleased by the way in which I chose to celebrate it.

Anonymous said...

I was in fact offended. But now I am over it.

The multicolour Frog said...

As a conclusion :
always shave before you have to dry off

choose your towel's colour to tune it to your mood or desire :
- red to simulate broken capilleries
- blue to represent an iced face
- yellow as suffering from jaundice
- green to figure a decomposing man
- white to look like a sheep
- pink to become a pig (this would be useless in France because french women often say that "every man IS a pig")