Wednesday, 1 April 2009

More thrilling adventures of spending too much time in a library.

The franchise of the cafe in the British Library has changed hands, which has left me flustered, indignant and disturbed , despite the fact that the staff and prices remain the same, and the food looks, if anything, nicer. Is this a sign I have become institutionalised?

Meanwhile, find this mournful chain of comments written, in various hands, on one of the paper 'How to read a book, you idiot' signs on every desk.

- PHD-takes forever!
- Agreed
- Would never put myself through that.
- You don't have to.
- It's worth it in the end. DR.
- I didn't get funding, so...

Not sure whether the penultimate Smuggins signed with their initials, which is bad - are we supposed to know who s/he is? Daniel Radcliffe? Diana Ross? - or signed as 'Doctor', which is worse, and probably best treated with a smack in the mouth.


Ian said...

Damon Runyon; Alive, Well and Happy to be finished his PhD.

Also, Cafe upheaval is akin to falling up the stairs. Hopefully without coffee in hand.

John Finnemore said...

This just in: So far from prices remaining the same, prices are in general massively up. So, on the plus side, I can feel bothered and peevish for good reason; on the minus side, I may have to take out a coffee mortgage.

Anonymous said...

Or so called smuggins was still slogging away at their PhD and explaining that for them the Dr makes it all worth while. Might still be worth a slap, but it wouldn't be the most charitable response.

By the way, when is Cabin Pressure II going to be on? Sitting on edge of (co-pilot) seat waiting for announcement (with extra stripe hidden in pocket).