Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Crooks chase cops! Cats have puppies! Hot snow falls up!

If you live in or near London, and haven't been to the zoo recently, let me just say this: there are lion cubs. Anyway, have a look at the 'other' section of this sign:

Don't you think that the vaguely feminist 'They've got the right idea, eh girls' implication is ever so slightly undermined by that exclamation mark?

'In lemur society, the females are in charge! If you can imagine such a bizarre thing! And day is night and up is down. Truly, those crazy lemurs live in a topsy-turvy land of misrule...'


Richard O. Smith said...

I'm guessing those surviving two lines were edited down from a much lengthier original copy submission by the guy failing to mask his incredulity at women being in authority. Cut lines might have included: "so who's supposed to do the cleaning, then? And it's OK females being in charge, if the lemurs wish to spend 80% of their GDP on soft furnishings, lipstick and doilies. I'm not surprised their species is on the Danger list. How do they plan to overcome a fiscal crisis - run a cake stall". Of course, his type will become extinct long before the lemurs!! (the extra ! is for a just emphasis)

Hennell said...

There's a sign thats recently been added to bristol zoo. http://www.woostercollective.com/humansa.jpg

Anonymous said...