Monday, 2 August 2010

Return Flight

Still in Sri Lanka, but have just discovered Radio 4 have rather sneakily started repeating Cabin Pressure series 2 while my back was turned. It's on Tuesdays at 6:30, and then on Listen Again for a week, which means you have have one day left to catch Helsinki, should you wish to, which is one of my favourites.

This seems like a good time to announce that before series three arrives early next year, there will also be a Christmas special, at, of all times of the year, Christmas.


Ross Bennett said...

It's a rather curious thing, but my recollection was there were four cast members in the show's first run. And maybe my memory is failing in my old age, but I thought the web site had a magnificent cast photo of the entire MJN Air crew.

Yet for whatever reason, in this repeat the show's micro-site on prominently displays the striking portrait of dashing series star and UK heart-throb Benedict Cumberbatch. (He says with a hearty grin.)

Okay...that's not fair of course. But one can't help suspect there's someone in the BBC who thought it might not be the worst thing to point out. What with the magnificent reception of Sherlock and all.

Captain Crieff may never be the same again.

In all seriousness, it's magnificent to have another go at the series and even better that everyone involved continues to thrive. I only wish I had been in a position to see Roger Allam's Falstaff at the Globe earlier this year.

Stu said...

A Christmas Special at, err, Christmas?

Cunning devils those 'schedulers', eh?

Anonymous said...

If the pic for Cabin Pressure shows only Benedict, at least it's showing one of the cast. The pic for "Rigor Mortis" in recent years has shown the estimable Felicity Montagu, and as far as I know she was never in the main cast.

Sandra Mackness said...

Long time ago, I used to work for a charter airline. You could say I was a 'Carolyn.' But sadly I didn't go on to run my own air dot. I adore this series. Long may it continue, whether with bells and mistletoe on, or just with the occasional packet of peanuts.

Rob said...

just listened to Gdansk which I somehow missed on the first airing.

I felt compelled to hunt you down and let you know how much I enjoy Cabin Pressure.

It is right up there with the best comedy R4 has ever played (and I listen all day most days).

Helsinki was great - but the boring sunset episode is my favourite!

thank you!

jamescc said...

Roll on Series 3 for Cabin Pressure !

Helen said...

I'm enjoying listening to series two all over again (not that I haven't listened to it lots already, as it's somewhere on my ipod). And it's fantastic news that not only is series three on the way, but there'll be a Christmas special too. I feel we're being spoilt by all these good things!

Hestia said...

Hi there. It's my first time on this blog.

I'm really please to know that there'll be a Christmas special. I only discovered Cabin Pressure last week (I know I'm a bit late, but in my defense, I live in France, not in the UK) but I totally loved it! I was listening to it on my Ipod and kept laughing so much! People on the train were looking at me like I was mad :)
I got my sister and some friends addicted too and we all think this is really funny, it's always nice to have a good laugh.

I can't wait to hear series three!

Herr M said...

Thank God for BBC "Listen again". Now, even in Bavaria one can hear Cabin Pressure and enjoy it. It´s so funny, altough I certainly don´t understand every word. Nontheless I´m loving it.
Kind regards
Herr M
P.S. How about a trip to Munich with MJN Air?

NP said...

Now I can look forward to Christmas with a smile.

Sarah Johnson said...

John, like Rob I feel compelled to tell you that Cabin Pressure is the best written comedy on the radio for ages and ages and ages.
The final episode of the first series was not just funny but brilliantly original, life-enhancing and actually really touching.
Bad news for you, though, or rather for Douglas. Calista is from the GREEK for beautiful, not the Latin.

Anonymous said...

This is the best comedy I've listened to (on Radio or TV ) in years. I do hope the BBC will make a TV series. What's keeping them!!!

Anonymous said...

I am excited just having discovered your blog, but to find out that there is a series three to come AND a Christmas special!? Im currently jiggling on the ceiling!!! whhoop!


Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of a TV series. I am dying to see this on screen. It surely wouldnt cost that much to make. The BBC has hardly any comedy series running any more.

Auntie Em said...

I was feeling bereft, given that Series 2 is about to disappear from iPlayer (I love each and every episode, but "Limerick" makes me dislocate at least three ribs every time I listen, so it's probably for the best.) This news has cheered me right up!

*drums fingers* *waits impatiently for Christmas*

Alice said...

I'm in the US, but found your show on I'm so glad there's going to be a third series! I was sick today and spent it listening to all of series 1 and 2 (which made me feel slightly less sorry for myself).

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