Monday, 25 October 2010

Also, I'd like to build a giant village. On a 10/1 scale.

On a recent trip back to Dorset, I passed in the same day a board advertising the model village in Wimborne, with the slogan 'Not Just a Model Village!' and a banner advertising the model village in Corfe Castle, with the slogan 'More Than Just a Model Village!'

I have a strange compulsion to give up my job and go and set up a model village in, say, Wareham; roughly half way between the two, simply so that I can advertise it with the slogan 'Just a Model Village!'


Nicole Leigh Shaw said...

I think it might be worth arranging a "Model Villages Around Great Britain" tour. I'm sure at least one very bored person would sign up, provided the bus has air-conditioning and there's a break for lunch.

Here's a great post by The Jules at The Gravel Farm. I'm not Jules. Obviously.

Ross Bennett said...

Two words: Kitten Kong.

Silvertongue said...

Wow, I think you should. That's really funny.

Nicole Leigh Shaw said...

Silvertongue: Assuming you mean that my tour idea is funny (Kitten Kong was pretty great, too), I'd love that! Imagine the Halloween "Haunted Model Villages" tour? Maybe the ghosts of 12 inch fashion dolls can haunt the village pub. Trained rats with black capes and little treat bags can trick-or-treat. Endless fun!

Sadly, I live in America where we don't have (as far as I know) as many model villages per capita. Maybe none. If you're in GB I think you should take my tour idea and run with it.

GaiaLove said...
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GaiaLove said...

I've never visited, or even seen, a model village. I can understand the appeal though: "I am a giant! Fear me puny residents of this quaint and olde world style community!" Is it a West Country thing?

Nicole: Perhaps Silvertongue meant that John should give up his job and found his own model village?

Personally I vote no to that (if I get a vote, which I probably don't). Although I'm sure you would create the model model village I would miss Cabin Pressure. So please don't. Unless you feel you could do both? In which case, go for it. You have my blessing (not that you want it)...

~Marcus K. said...

Do it!

Someone needs to make a giant village designed just for the holiday season...that could probably make some money all year round.

Shelly said...

I think that's a great idea. The other model villages would be SO irritated.

Shelly said...
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Richard O. Smith said...

Re your photo of woman & child peering inside a model house... doesn’t poor Jon Holmes get any privacy?!

Daedalus said...

Bourton-on-the-water is the best one. Since the model is of the village itself, it has to contain a model of the model, which must have a model of the model of the model... The result of this infinite regression is, of course, the space-time rift in Cardiff.

These3Butterflies said...

Oh my gosh that is so cool

Nicole Leigh Shaw said...

Jazz: Of course he did! Making me an idiot. I agree, then. Do it! Giant villages.

Benedicte Madsen said...

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I'm from Norway btw.

ApplepiePrincess said...

I think you would love Madurodam in The Netherlands.


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