Wednesday, 9 December 2015

24 Doodles - 9

From August, in London. How are you feeling about those deadlines, John?


Maartje de Nie said...
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Anonymous said...

That's a really scary deadline....

Anonymous said...

It's one of those self - generating balls of thistledown fluff. They gather under beds. I believe they are called Dhombles.

slepkane said...

No- Bloody hell.

Laura G said...

Ooh, this is marvellous. Thank you.

I hadn't realised that the blog was in play, so I've just had a lovely time catching up when I whould have been working.

But crikey, is that a deadline I see behind me?

Anonymous said...

May I introduce you to the concept of a "doomline". It seems more fitting in the context of that doodle.

Tealin said...

Ahahaha, a familiar sensation ...

Eclectic Man said...

The late, great Douglas Adams said he liked deadlines, particularly the 'whooshing' noise they make as they go past.

Anonymous said...

Hi John

Loving the doodles.

Alas, I do not tweet but occasionally I look at your tweeting ... the Cabin Pressure tribute crossword is fab, but you missed a reference to Gerti. Look at the horizontal line below 20 and 22 across.

Mr Donk is a clever chap.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you managed to escape. Although some of your best work probably came from being chased by the deadline. Including this.
But I'm happy to tell everyone I am fairly sure I've seen him on Sesame street. He is pink and cuddly now. And no: I am not allowed to tell you the way there. ;)

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