Tuesday, 6 December 2016


You know when you see the clock-tower of the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, and you can't stop thinking about how it looks like some mad early twentieth century monarch of a minor Balkan state?

...Oh, don't you? I mean... No. Me neither. 

In other news, the English For Pony-Lovers episode of Double Acts has been nominated for the Writers' Guild Award for Radio Comedy.  Hooray! So, concentrate on that. Forget that nonsense about kings and clock-towers. 


Lothiriel said...

I think I'll concentrate on both of those things, if you don't mind. And congratulations, by the way!

Élyssa said...

Hooray indeed, congratulations! And love that the drawings are back, you seem in particularly fine form in that department.

Timothy said...

Congratulations on the Double Acts, John. I particularly liked Hot Desk and The Flock of Tigers. I wish you all the comic success and lots of buns for tea.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the nomination! Well deserved. I hope it wins.
My partner loves EFPL, probably even more than I do. He asks me to put it on almost every morning, and he does it with a high-pitched 'what are you passionate about?'.

Claire Y said...

I will keep fingers crossed for you, John. (I don't think crossing some other things [eyes, for instance] would go very well for me.)

Also, thank you for sharing your doodles/art with us through the Holiday season. I look forward to seeing what will come up next (and the day after that, and the one after that, etc.).

Doro said...

Once it's seen, it is hard to unsee.

I'll add Edinburgh and Tuttlingen to my list of low budget finnemore-pilgrimage. I hope as globalisation goes on the whole tour becomes a thing.

Tealin said...

Haha! That's brilliant.

And congrats on the nom for Pony Lovers! All of Double Acts deserves more recognition, in my opinion, but until I'm the one handing out radio gongs, I can only tell you that on here ...

Kirsty said...

That is so cool!
And congratulations on the nomination. I liked the change in relationship between the characters when it became apparent what the actual situation was - the woman suddenly went into mother mode.

lilian.thigh said...

I have never found a tower so endearing, and congratulations!

Unknown said...

Couldn't see it and then, couldn't unsee it lol.

slepkane said...

This is simply glorious.

Laura said...

There's a photograph of a clothes basket on my washing powder box that looks (when I don't have my glasses on) like a frog. So if you are crazy to see such fine visions, then so am I.

Also, English for Pony Lovers is my favourite Double Act... that is to say, it's in my top six

Philippa Sidle said...

I live near-ish to Edinburgh, and will never be able to view that particular piece of architecture in the same way again...

Congratulations on the nomination! I love all the Double Acts and have listened to them all many many times, but I think that Pony Lovers and The Goliath Window are my favourites. Pony Lovers because the personalities of the two women are so strongly delineated and the shift in the dynamic between them is so cleverly done. Goliath Window because it's so moving and because it's a fine example of something that simply couldn't be done to full effect if it wasn't on radio.

Pony Lovers seems to be the only one that doesn't have any discernable link, however tiny, to the others. The only thing I could think of was that Griselda in Hot Desk says that her mother is German. Clearly her mother can't be Elke, since Griselda was obviously brought up in the UK, but perhaps Elke is her aunt or something?

Have I missed something? Do I think about these things too much...?

Unknown said...

This is utterly splendid.

Ponygirl Fi said...

Hahaha. I now cannot unsee that, every time I go into town.

And congratulations

Claire Pugh said...

This made me chuckle...A lot!

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