Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Not even sure I'd need seconds, plural...

You see that sign, with the picture of the fierce dog on it? It reads: 

'I can make the gate in seconds. Can you?'


Well... er... since you ask...  yes.


Jessica said...

I see what you mean... I am not the most agile of people, and even in a skirt and heels, I think even I could make it over the gate before the dog got out.

Having said that, a young border terrier caught me our today; she came to find me at work today to play and, as such as soft touch, I did and, stupidly, bent down to talk to her and she promptly bit my nose! Great look for my audition on Friday... red nose day isn't for a while yet... don't call us....!

I forget that young dogs have really sharp teeth. They are the ones to watch out for. They are quick too!

simon kane said...

One second? Seriously? From a kit or from scratch? Either way I'd need a solid afternoon AT THE VERY LEAST.

Richard O. Smith said...

I’d have thought the strategic element of surprise is crucial here in determining Blue Fido’s ability to beat you to the gate.

Even if he’s the canine Usain Bolt - a Bolt from the blue indeed - in order to beat you he’d have to be permanently positioned behind the door, limbering up and stretching, trainers on and performance enhancing drugs popped.

Indeed, since he’s far more likely to be out the back chomping his Chum and pointlessly retrieving sticks, then smurf dog is going to get beaten every time.

williamt said...

From the gap between 'in' and 'seconds' - it looks to me as though a precise value was original specified - e.g. 2 or 3 - but later removed.

Either that or its a generic sign - you buy it and then customise it with (a) an appropriate photo - doesn't have to be a dog, perhaps, as others have suggested, some sort of blacksmith (b) a length of time suitable to the location.

Stu said...

... and our anonymous Japanese friend comes out of the blue and stumps us all with a fascinating and, quite frankly, an inspired joke!

Miss Pear said...

I must protest. This sign is mocking the disabled burglar.

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