Thursday, 17 November 2005

Thomas or Jeremy?

Well, the results are in. And I can tell you now that out of a possible 42 correct Tom/Jerry differentiations, you collectively scored... 18. So, we can draw two conclusions. For the average man on the street there is, contrary to what Tomish or Jerrimiad extremists will tell you, no way to tell Toms from Jerries. Whether dressed as soldiers, vicars, or Fathers Christmas; they are indistinguishable. However. It would seem there do walk among us certain individuals with abnormal and inexplicable Tom and Jerry sorting powers. So, should you be in a position where it is absolutely imperative that a Tom be told from a Jerry- or vice versa- you have two options. Call Karyn, possessor of unearthly powers of Tom/Jerry divination that have baffled the sceptics societies of three continents. Or, call either of the Jameses. And believe the exact opposite of whatever they tell you.

A Tom and a Jerry, yesterday.


Unknown said...

Arcane powers we Jameses possess. Arcane and wrong. But arcane. But also wrong.

And talk like Yoda we do, mm?

James Lark said...

No James, that's just you. The Yoda bit, I mean. Certainly I admit to the bit about being arcane and wrong. I also possess a mystic comedy gene, at least according to the current edition of The Cambridge Student, which once described me as "gently".

All of this information gives a pretty rounded impression of what I'm like.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that, apart from the dogs and the Santas, Toms seem to be predisposed to beards and have full faces whilst Jerrys are more likely to be wiry and sport a fetching moustache?!

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