Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Black sheep

Well, just back from the Finnemore family reunion, always an exciting occasion. Turns out my obnoxious cousin Zac is doing very well in the music business:

...whereas poor old Uncle Barry has fallen on harder times:

But then, we all have a hard time living up to great great great great great great great great great great grandad:

In less made-up news, should you have access to the wonderful world of the digital wireless, five two minute monologues written and performed by me are going out every so often as fillers on BBC7 over the next few weeks, as part of a series called 'Sketched' The first broadcast of the first one is just before 9pm this evening.


Joe said...

That's a fancy tablecloth for a mere carpenter.

Anonymous said...

Idiot! Jesus Finnemore is patently at the last supper. And that wasn't at Jesus's house!



John Finnemore said...

As it happens, he was only a disciple- he just nipped into the boss' seat for a photo op. But if you look to the left of the Holy Grail, you'll notice he also invented silver foil.

Shoup said...

Is there a place where we can still hear those monologues...8 years late?

Shoup said...

Or 'Semi-Detached', while I'm at it?