Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome.

Here it is, then: the Grand One Hundred (And One) Posts Celebratory Picture Quiz.

Essentially, it's a version of the always-amusing game you can play in departure lounges, where you try to guess whether a particular passenger is from the country you're leaving or the country you're travelling to. But, with the help of the magical internet, I have assembled thirty people who are not only from three different countries, but are also quite astronomically unlikely ever to catch the same plane.

Your task, if you choose to accept it, which you must, is to look at the following ten sets of three people, decide which of each is from the great nations of France, Germany and Britain, and post your guesses in the comments section. Next Monday, I shall put up the answers, and then we shall see what we shall see. There may even be a prize. Hell, there will be a prize. In the spirit of the game, the winner can have his or her choice of one of three things: 1) the opportunity to write the next entry in this blog. 2) A secondhand book of my choice from my shelves. 3) A delicious Cadbury's Crunchie. So, with the prospect of milk chocolate with a golden honeycomb centre spurring you on to victory, get to it, and see if you can tell Hermann from Henry, Sylvain from Siegfried, and Piers from Pierre.

Good Luck. Bon Chance. Good Luck in German.


Anonymous said...

1: French, German, British
2: B,F,G
3: B,G,F
4: F,G,B
5: B,G,F
6: F,B,G
7: G,F,B
8: B,F,G
9: B,F,G (Seamus Heaney? Madame Defarge? Goethe?)
10: F,G,B

Phoebe x

Anonymous said...

1. French, British, German
2. GBF
3. BFG
4. FGB
5. FBG
6. FGB
7. FGB
8. GFB
9. FBG
10. BFG

Anonymous said...

1 - FBG
2 - BFG
3 - GBF
4 - GFB
5 - BGF
6 - BFG
7 - FGB
8 - BGF
9 - GFB (Rene's mother in law...)
10 - BFG

Anonymous said...


1 B,F,G. 2 B,F,G. 3 B,F,G. 4 F,G,B. 5 F,B,G. 6 G,B,F. 7 B,G,F. 8 G,F,B. 9 G,F,B. 10 B,F,G.

This go sounds like a haka for the Big Friendly Giant.

Joe said...


And I don't even like Crunchie Bars.

Unknown said...

1. FGB
2. GBF
3. FGB
4. BGF
5. BFG
6. BFG
7. FGB
8. FGB
9. FBG
10. BFG

I suspect I am quite, quite wrong...

Anonymous said...

1. FGB
2. GFB
3. GFB
4. GFB
5. FBG
6. FBG
7. BFG
8. FBG
9. GBF (Surely not our Own Dear Queen Victoria? In romanticised death-bed mode?)
10. BBB (!)

James Lark said...

1: The one on the left is the odd one out, he is not a younger man.
2: The one on the right is the odd one out, he is not a real woman.
3: The one on the right is the odd one out, it's not a real beard.
4: The one in the middle is the odd one out, it's not her real hair.
5: None of them, they're all wearing false facial hair of some sort.
6: The one on the right is the odd one out, he's too old to be a politician.
7: None of them, they're all clinically insane.
8: The one in the middle was made by Jim Henson.
9: The one in the middle is radioactive.
10: Double bluff, they're all pictures of you dressed up.

The tired Frog (I must manage it, I must read all the posts of the year 2006 !) said...

What was I saying.. ?
ah, here it is :
where did you find them all ?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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Miss Matty said...

I know I'm extremely late for this game, but after having played pretty enthusiastically, I'm no rather keen on finding out the right answers. Where ARE they????

Дени said...

I went back and counted (because I do that, I compulsively count, it's a thing) several times in fact and I do believe THIS was your 100th post. Unless you deleted a post at some point. Did you?
Oh, and I took the quiz and you have no reason to believe this, but I got 5 groups entirely correctly and 1 of 3 correct in the rest.

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