Sunday, 28 January 2007

Round up the usual suspects.

List of my possessions currently not working or working imperfectly:

My printer
My camera
My mp3 player
My nose

List of people I suspect of being to blame for the above:

The Samsung Corporation of Korea.
No prime suspect as yet.
The ginger haired woman who sat opposite me on a crowded tube and coughed continuously for twenty minutes, dammit.


Anonymous said...

Hallo! Your blog be wery funny! Me laugh so muchie a little turtle head came out my poop-noddie.


Anonymous said...

Eat a big Thai curry: dairy free, tasty and excellent at decongesting colds & or coughs, flu. (Delete where applicable.)
As for technical things not working: warranty.
How's you?

Doctor Frog said...

Even better : eat that Big Thai Curry THROUGH your nose, guaranteed effectiveness.
Actually you will have no nose at all - and thus no more colds or coughs

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