Monday, 30 April 2007

Why, who will it help?

Sometimes when I'm watching or reading the news, I get an uneasy feeling that it's to no-one's benefit that I'm seeing this. Obviously the video made by the Virginia Tech killer is a recent example of this, but there are other, subtler ones all the time, even in news media I respect.

"Watch Natallie Evans' reaction"? Do you know what, I'm not entirely certain it's necessary that I do.


James Casey said...

Hmm. Clearly turning into John Bartholomew Finnemore myself, because my comment once more is that this was my reaction too.

James Lark said...

On the other hand, "James Casey mutates into John Bartholomew Finnemore, watch John Finnemore's reaction" is a service I feel I would benefit from a great deal.

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