Tuesday, 17 July 2007

That ç, by the way, is the nearest thing I can find on this keyboard to a question mark.

I'm away at the moment, going down the Dordogne in a canoe, because that's how middle class I am. Though having said that, earlier this year I spent a week in a holiday complex in Lanzarote; and later some chums and I are going to spend a week in a chateau. So who knows what class I amç (Answer: I do. I'm middle class, and there's nothing I can do about it.)

Anyway, it's going well so far - the water level is very high, which is good for not having to carry my canoe over dried up bits, but bad for making the rapids very rapid indeed. I had no idea I could swear so hard at water.

I shall try to put something up here whenever I get on line. Got to go now, it's half past twelve, so naturally the shop-owner is impatient to shut up shop and embark on his five hour lunch.


Anonymous said...

You're more upper-middle than boring old plain middle-class, surely?

What are the boundaries nowadays?

marianne said...

To do with your parents and schooling, I'd say. Parents who are lawyers/ profs/ doctors etc, and perhaps a dash of private schooling would make you upper middle, as opposed to just middle.

Anonymous said...

See, to me, Lawyers, Professors and Doctors are all UC by default. My perceptions could have something to do with living in Milton Keynes, I dunno.

Think I met you at the Drill Hall, Marianne (unless there's more than one Marianne- highly unlikely), though I was slightly drunk and pertified, therefore not in the best state to make a great first impression. (If it wasn't you, and I'm confusing names, that's even worse. Tsk.)

marianne said...

Hey Stu! Yes, that all sounds about right. Except the bit about being pertified, which doesn't.

Anonymous said...

I was petrified on account of it being my first Radio 4 credit, which would explain my alcohol content somewhat.