Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Not to mention the spin-off series about her brother Rhodes.

You know how sometimes you see a sign that suddenly inspires you to write a whole series of adventure books for children? Oh, don’t you? Well, to be fair, neither did I until ten minutes ago. But as I looked at that sign; like JK Rowling on that train journey, or Joe Craig after his usual pre-book pint of margaritas, inspiration struck; and my heroine leapt fully-formed into existence – the impetuous Irish-Italian girl detective, and the dare-devil adventures that lead her mother to exclaim the title of, let us say, the fourth book in the series: ‘Please Take Care, Piazza Slippery!’


Laura said...

How can this magical post have been left neglected for seven whole years?

You absolutely have to do this, Finnemore! But only if I can draw the pictures. Except you're good at that too, damn it.

Book five can be 'Watch your step, Piazza Slippery!'

Anita said...

Book five, when she goes over to the dark side: 'Warning, piazza slippery'