Friday, 2 May 2008

Two things you might be interested in.

'John Finnemore, Apparently', my pilot radio sketch show, will be going out on Radio Four at 11pm this coming Monday, May 5th, and will be available on 'Listen Again' for a week afterwards. Hope you like it.

Also, free tickets are now available on the BBC website ( for the recordings of what they are pleased to describe as 'a new brilliant new sitcom'. So, both brilliant and new, then, but twice as new as it's brilliant... It's called Cabin Pressure, it's about the pilots of a tiny charter airline, and very excitingly it stars Benedict Cumberbatch, from A Life Backwards, Hawking, and Atonement; Roger Allam, from The Thick of It, The Queen, and A Cock and Bull Story; and Stephanie Cole, from A Bit of a Do, Housewife 49 and Talking Heads. And me, from here. The recordings are all in June - do come if you'd like to. (The tickets for the sketch show recording went surprisingly fast, so you may want to get in quick.)

Plug over, normal service will be resumed shortly.


Unknown said...

Just a quick note to say that I was at the Cabin Pressure recording yesterday, and it was fantastic. I loved every minute of it and am looking forward to the next recordings too!

And, slightly randomly, I was also at the recording of two of the footlights shows this evening. You were very good there too, well done!

Anonymous said...


Well done for Cabin Pressure. Intelligent writing, excellent casting and performances (as Arthur would say) "brilliant"!

Looking forward to the next series - here's hoping!


Aoife X said...

Awwww, when Cabin Pressure was just a baby! And my, what a handsome boy/girl it's grown up to be!

Unknown said...

Sorry John , Cabin Pressure is not a winner , will not even get asecond series.