Thursday, 11 December 2008

He didn't feel a thing.


'Okay then, it's a mural for a hoarding outside some new student accomodation. So, let's not over-think this: we'll just get some studenty looking models, dress them in studenty gear like, I don't know, a guy in one of those short necklaces surfers and gap-yearers wear, that kind of thing. And once we've got the shots, we'll sort of splash them with washes of primary colours, to be like, youthful and vibrant, yeah? 

I mean, what could possibly could go wrong with that?'

Hey students! Come stay with us! Our serial killers use Samarai swords so sharp, your decapitated head won't even fall off your body!


Anonymous said...

And no-one thought to check the artwork before printing? Off with their heads too!

Anonymous said...

Hello John. Just spreading the word: Apparently the BBC is incredibly nervous at the moment about putting another foot wrong: You can hear Adam and Joe checking with their producer if they’re allowed to say “smack my bitch up”, all shows are now undergoing a three-day vetting period to ensure nothing which might possibly offend anyone reaches the internet etc. everyone’s clearly under a lot of pressure to play it as safe as is humanly possible, with no more “slip-ups”. In the light of which, I found this image in the Mail on Sunday - detailing what’s planned for Christmas Day - SO HILARIOUS I CRIED:

(It was lying in a cafe. I did not buy it. And it’s not the outrage I’m promoting, just the delicious oops.)

Anonymous said...

I cut off a head once. Its human's name was Godfrey and it went to college on the Holloway Road. I found him turning on a spit in a disused garage. All wet-eyed he was and abandoned. I keep him with me now, cranially. He spake n'more.