Friday, 12 June 2009

I'm so sorry, I just clicked on it, and...

The BBC website invites me to sign up to its Facebook or Twitter feed, because 'it's embarrassingly easy'. I am English enough that I embarrass easily, and often unnecessarily, but I think even I could manage to quell the hot flush of shame about how easily I have signed up to a Twitter feed. I'm not going to sign up, though. Just in case.

First recording of Cabin Pressure seemed to go pretty well, by the way. At one point I found myself performing a scene with Stephanie Cole, Roger Allam, Benedict Cumberbatch, Simon Greenall, Matt Green, and Alison Steadman. I mean, bloody hell! How did that happen?


Unknown said...

The first recording went really well. I have my fingers crossed for the next ones.

Stu said...

... err, 'cos you wrote it like that?

Really looking forward to this second series ... do let us know when we can expect to hear it on the wireless (or the interweb, as far as we expats are concerned).

All the best!

Richard O. Smith, Oxford said...

I see your "really", and raise your description by an extra "really" - i.e. it went really, really well.

What an outrageously talented polymath you evidently are, John: actor, comedy writer and horse racing commentator. And whereas the likes of Roger Allam and Alison Steadman were required to do multiple re-takes, I noticed that the evening's most difficult performance (the aforementioned horse race parody) was nailed in one take!
Looking forward to the next recording.

Anonymous said...

Just to say loved Cabin Pressure. I loved it so much I bought it from iTunes, and listen to it often, especially if I need cheering up. I hope you have had a large royality fee from iTunes, but fear not, as its radio. Looking forward to series 2.