Saturday, 1 August 2009

Perfect character sketch in three words.

All is forgiven, Radio Four. You may market atrocious spoons (actually, it's probably not even you that do that; it's probably the sinister 'BBC Worldwide', the identity of which I've never quite understood), but you also provided the following terrific quote today. Broadcaster Charles Wheeler remembering spy George Blake, with whom he worked during the war:

'He was a curious person. He was very charming. People liked him. Smiled a lot... smiled rather too much. Smiled at breakfast.'


Richard O. Smith said...

In any job, it always pays to be aware of the elephant in the room -especially so, if you happen to be a zoo keeper. And whereas the BBC can sometimes disappoint us by withdrawing into their middle-class bubble with complicit Archers' puns, they can also provide wonderful wit such as Wheeler's comment (oh, and Cabin Pressure of course).

As for the elephant in the room re "Thyme for the Archers", surely someone must point out that this deserves the wooden spoon for marketing puns. Hence the pun appears on an appropriate medium.

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