Friday, 6 November 2009

Conversation that presumably took place between the planner and the caterer of a thing I was at recently.

- So, you want six trays of sandwiches, four of hors d'oeuvre, and four of fruit.
- Yes. Oh, and let's have one of cheese and biscuits as well.
- ...Ok. Some cheese, and some biscuits.
- ....Some cheese and biscuits, yes.
- ...How do you mean?
- Well, you know. A tray of cheese and biscuits.
- ...What, all on one tray?
- ...Yes.
- Together?
- Yes!
- Ok! You're the boss!


Richard O. Smith said...

Did they offer you a cup of tea and coffee too?

Jessica said...

Looks like the aftermath of a 5 year old's birthday party. Where were the balloons and jelly and icecream? Was there a pass the parcel too?

James Lark said...

And did you sample what looks to be the potentially delicious combination of stilton and jammy dodger?

John Finnemore said...

I had some cheddar on a digestive. It was perfectly nice.

Stu said...

I'm assuming you got the ONLY digestive?

Jessica said...

Don't go to Yorkshire then if you don't like this cheese and "biscuits" offering. They serve Cheese with fruit cake especially at Christmas! Don't really like either so find this combination doubly disturbing.

Niel Bushnell said...

I think you'll find that a good slab of cheese improves almost any other foodstuff. It’s like a universal constant.
I'm sure the first person to melt cheese onto top of a perfectly edible cauliflower was stoned out of the village.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! well one does always say that sweet and savory go and i always like to try something new!

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Anonymous said...

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