Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Renowned as a LOVELY and TEA-thirsty SUPER GUY, during his reign of NICENESS he CUDDLED thousands.

Right, in the spirit of 'first day of the school year', over the next week or so I'm going to put up some things I saw over the summer but didn't have the time or internettiness to put here at the time. Starting with this, the most suspicious-looking imaginable attempt at 'correcting' a brass plaque:

'Peace Loving'. Yes. That's what he was. He certainly was one Peace Loving guy, that King Pandu. It's always said that. No, don't look under the rectangle. There's no need. It just says 'Peace Loving' again. But in, er, the wrong... font.


simon kane said...


Unknown said...

It's almost seamless!

Anonymous said...

Can I take this moment to go off topic and ask why isnt Cabin Pressure a TV series when this faddy cobblers gets the green light

Isnt there any way you can use Benedicts red hot heat at the moment to get the BBC to agree to the series. Its not that costly a set surely. Its such a brilliant show. As you can tell I'm frustrated.

Easy Breezey Kiwi Kelly said...

I, too, would love to see everyone who ever came close to Cabin Pressure become shamefully famous and wealthy, and for the story to saturate all possible types of media. But, I think the show does so well on radio for precisely the same reason it would do poorly on television; a large bit of the action takes place in one very small and visually static place. A Captain Crieff action figure, now that is the way to go.

Daedalus said...

Rushing to the defense of the Russell Tovey thing, both he and Sarah Solemani are brilliant. If the scripts are good....

On CP for TV: Small spaces do work well for sitcoms sometimes. In fact the best of them have just such a space, be it a bar or a flat. There's even been drama written for a small airline (I think it was "Britannia!" or some such).

Daedalus said...

By the way, I don't know which was better about the episode "Limerick": having Arthur dash off a limerick containing "Vizhny Volocek" or him reading it in a way that still made him seem to be a few balls short of a bearing.

Piques said...

Looking up King Pandu I found that he was cursed to die if he ever tried to have sex. Imagine dying for even the attempt. And that is exactly how he died. He attempted sex with his wife and died before anything happened. Most ironically one of his wives was named Kunti.

Perhaps "Peace loving" was changed from "fanny deprived" ...

John Finnemore said...

Thank you for your kind words! I gather that the main obstacle between MJN Air and the small screen is not so much the confined set, as the imminent arrival of this:

Though please don't let that stop you from expressing your burning desire for a TV Cabin Pressure to any BBC commissioning editors of your acquaintance...

Anonymous said...

To repeat an old cliché - the pictures are better on the radio. So I'll just be happy if and when the mythical third series of Cabin Pressure appears on my radio.

GaiaLove said... - oh dear. Personally I love CP on radio and don't see what could be gained from putting it on tv - apart from fame and glory for you of course. That aside, it's perfect just as it is. When can we expect a new series btw?

Re: King Pandu and his sex curse. In repentance for killing a sage and his wife (and hence becoming cursed) Pandu "renounced his kingdom and lived as an ascetic with his wives". So, not only did the two ladies have to share their husband and live in poverty - they didn't even get any sex! How is that fair?

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