Saturday, 5 March 2011

I should probably have said...

...I was on the Now Show again today, being all cross about Prince Andrew. You've missed it now, but it'll be on Listen Again for the next week.

Here, in fact.


Daedalus said...

Well, I guess there won't be a "Sir" John Finnemore then...

Dave Shelton said...

Enjoyed very much. Twice, in fact, as I caught the Saturday repeat too. A nicely honed and classy bit of satire.

simon kane said...

Again, that was superb. Boy it was good.

Piques said...

Why is it that when I hear of Prince Andrew, in my mind I see Price Harry?

William should count his lucky stars that regicide is no longer an acceptable path to the throne. He would never stand a chance against Harry.

Claire said...

I listen on my ipod because it's also a downloadable podcast at itunes and you can subscribe to it. In case you didn't realise, and want to help your blog readers find your work more easily. But if you like people having to make a little effort to seek you out, that's fine too.

GaiaLove said...

I have been a long while about it but I've finally listened to your Now Show rant re: Prince Andrew.

Excellent, pertinent and most amusing.

You did sound quite angry about the very fact of Prince Andrew but, somehow, rather cuddly at the same time. That is a great and valuable skill you have there.

I hope to hear more of your cuddly anger on the radio soon

Edward said...

Superb. Almost as good as the BP/Deep Water Horizon report which still makes me laugh when I think of the Walruses that successfullly avoided the oil spill. Don't suppose you got an invite to the big wedding, though...

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