Sunday, 3 April 2011

Also, check that they're apple trees. Or you'll be there a while.

...No, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure when you want a eureka moment, you need to take a few baths. I believe what you're thinking of is what you should do when you want a few apples. Happy to help. 


Ginge said...

And even then, we just go to the market.

Bonus: Where the picture cuts off at the bottom provides the perfect opportunity to play Finish the Sentence. Joy!

...yeah, it doesn't take much.

Richard O. Smith said...

Actuarially, several people die each year from head injuries sustained from being under coconut trees. This means Standard Life would have to pay out on their policies, increased several fold by promoting an active tree shaking policy.

Their actuaries and advertising need to get closer together - like they are in the Yellow Pages.

Jane said...

Man, so the ancient Chinese were right when they required poets to be at least 50 years old. You need to be wrinkly for enlightenment to come.

Unrelated but check out this vid:

Daedalus said...

"The Unbelievable Truth" is back with David Mitchell in the chair and our Mr. Finnemore co-writing the chair's script.

Good fun as always.

Kaitebon said...

You mean, Newton didn't speak ancient Greek?

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