Saturday, 18 February 2012

Three people I sat near this week.

Click to embiggen.

(Personal note for people who know my friend Greg: the third guy is not my friend Greg. He's an Australian barman who must absolutely play my friend Greg if (when) Hollywood make a movie of the My Friend Greg Story. I have no idea if he can act. Nor do I care.)

Also, I'm on the Now Show again today - 12.30 on Radio 4,  and iPlayer for a week thereafter - trying to work out whether sanctimonious atheists or mock-persecuted Christians are more irritating. It's basically a draw.


Anonymous said...

finally, listening right now, john you are "brilliant" obviously :-)

Andrew Bossom said...

I feel your pain. A few days ago I wrote a long and not very eloquent blog post on Darwin Day, and sat back to see whether the first outraged comment would come from a persecuted atheist or a persecuted Christian. The prize was claimed by a persecuted atheist, who happened not to be one of my two followers (I never claimed to be famous, or even good).

And thank you for putting your finger on exactly what it is that irritates me about Richard Dawkins. Apart from the fact that he got to marry Lalla Ward and I didn't.

Eclectic Man said...

Oh dear Mr. Finnemore, I'm afraid you'll have to be back on The Now Show next week for an update:

The inestimable Mr. Pickles is reversing the judgement.

Although I think you have been wrong in your statement about the Guantanamo detainee. As I understand it he is a UK resident, not citizen, but your point still stands.

I shall now say my prayers to the Great Spaghetti Monster, and listen to the repeat on BBC iPlayer.

BlushingRose said...

LOVED your piece on the Now Show.

But I love even more that you've put "click to embiggen" on that picture :D

Unknown said...

Irresistible combination of wit and humanity - good stuff. But just wondering, is the past participle of embiggen embiggened or embuggen?

Anonymous said...

I beg you, please DO NOT go on THE NOW SHOW again, Mr Finnemore. Listening to your moronic drivel via iplayer this morning has totally ruined my Sunday.

(PS Your art is great. Stick to that, and leave the 'comedy' to the professionals, please)

Gaia Fay said...

Whoever posted that anonymous ought to get a life - given the number of people who love Mr Finnemore's work, 'anonymous' is clearly in a minority and I should hope that one day they run into someone like Douglas and get their comeuppance.
Keep up the good work Mr Finnemore - your ever expanding fanbase proves just how brilliant you are!

simon kane said...

You've gone all Hirschfield. I like.

Anonymous said...

Your section on The Now Show was brilliant - came here to see if there is a transcript I could share on Facebook - sadly not.
Re. "I beg you, please DO NOT go on THE NOW SHOW again" - Personal taste is a weird thing and comments like these have the power to hurt out of all proportion to their importance. My CD has been overwhelmingly positively reviewed, but one vitriolic review from an obscure Dutch website rendered me thoroughly depressed until I remembered there was a word which would make it all better - "Tosser".

Anonymous said...

The last guy looks like Tom Cruise to me...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Finnemore, I just wanted to say that despite being only 15, I am a huge fan of your show Cabin Pressure. I would just like to add that thanks to you, my mother now plays the game 'Yellow Car' everywhere. Even when there's no one in the car with her...she also texts me pictures of yellow cars during school often with a comment of "I know it's parked, so it doesn't count". Also, when we went on holiday to Crete I am happy to admit she and I thought it hilarious that the captain had a 'der-der-derderder' name. And the first officer was better at landing the plane...hmmm, interesting...Please, please, please don't ever stop writing Cabin Pressure!!! Oh, and your drawings are incredible!! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Ooo, somebody got out of the wrong side of his anonymous bed this morning!

Anonymous said...

I beg you, please DO go on THE NOW SHOW again, Mr Finnemore. Listening to your hilarious segment via iplayer this morning has totally made my Sunday.

(PS Your art is great. And your comedy is even better.)

Anonymous said...

Hello from the United States, While listening to your latest segment of The Now Show I was reminded of the fuss that people make about the phrase "under god" in the US pledge of Allegiance. Instead of saying "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all" when my school would have us say it I would simply omit the "under god" portion. You know, simply state it as was intended prior to the 1954 change. I felt that this was a suitable solution to my problem.

Emma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emma said...

Oh, good. Now, I'm imagining God as a farmer...white beard, overalls, pitchfork and all! Thank you ever so much, Mr. Finnemore...

Under pressure said...

Are all the Anonymouses the same Anonymous as posted the first Anonymous comment or are they all different Anonymouses?
If they are the same Anonymous I say..oo you do get around a bit and...glad you changed your mind after reading all the positive comments.
If they are not the same Anonymouses who wrote the first Anonymous comment then I first Anonymous, good! I'm glad it ruined your Sunday! Unless you were joking of course.
My final comment is squeak little Anonymouses!

Anonymous said...

hey Arthur have you heard about the purple toblerones


Anonymous said...

Oh jeez, beautiful rant on The Now Show.

Anonymous said...

Under Pressure, surely that's anonymice? I can't speak for the others, but I am certainly a different mouse from grumpy chops. I think he's probably a rat.

Laura G said...

Thank you as always, Mr Finnemore. Please could you persuade the good people at the Today programme to let you do some Thoughts for the Day? You'd be so much better at it than the current bunch.

Annie said...

This comment board is quite confusing today with all of the anonymous (is there a plural of this word?), anywho:

Mr. Finnemore you are fantastic, brilliant, and every synonym of the word in English. Keep up the comedy and the artwork because it's inspiring to not only me but the fans who are reminded of your work whenever we spot a courgette, a yellow car, a toblerone, and many, many other things. :)

The last guy looks like the superhero from Megamind.

Anonymous said...

speaking as an anonymous, first post in this list is mine, no we are not all the same person. I was waiting and waiting for him to post about now show, I am even on last string waiting for him to post about it. Were I ever to get to a cabin pressure recording, which sadly i never will, I would be wearing a t shirt saying "I love cox (apples)" because people do like apples its not like liking wood :-P. Anonymous in Hull.

Anonymous said...

You're like some kind of evil genius, aren't you, Mr. Finnemore? Much Love from Las Vegas, NV!

Meg said...

Greeting from India! :)
Absolutely love your show 'Cabin Pressure'. I've listened to the episodes so many times I've lost count. Still doesn't fail to make me laugh every single time.

PS: Second drawing looks like a character straight out of a Tim Burton movie.

Anonymous said...

hull anonymous says, found all the "unbelieveable truths" on the web and discover you wrote some of the chairs scripts, do the comedians write their own or get pre made ones too?

Eclectic Man said...

A thought re 'Anonymous said", that you were like some evil genius. Please be the next villain on the BBC's 'Sherlock', go on, just ask Benedict 'Miss Marple' Cumberbatch.

Sparrow said...

Had to take my wife Pipit to the hospital yesterday. Once she was stable, the first thing she asked for this morning was her mp3 player with Cabin Pressure and Souvenir Program on it. Gives her a happy place to escape to while she waits for tests and procedures.

John Finnemore, helping people feel better all over the world!

Lesley-Anne said...

You made Feedback AGAIN!! And yes they were being nice about you AGAIN!!

Ramiste said...

There was an appropriately appreciative letter about the 'Now Show' appearance read out on the 'points of view' programme (whatever it's called). Well done. I find the 'Now Show' mostly irritating, but your piece was thoughtful, good-natured and funny. It pointed out the absurdity without sounding strident or hectoring. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Phoenix-bound flight diverted because of fumes in cockpit

Does Douglas work for US Airways now? Why did he want to go to Albuquerque so badly? Did someone forget to check the cargo space thermostat again?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous in hull pops up again, I reckon pic no 1 is bendy cucumberpatch and that no 2 is a naga :-P. Hope that Sparrows wife is okay.

Sparrow said...

Thanks Anon above, wife came home from hospital this evening, feeling much better. Cabin Pressure got her through all the tests and procedures.

When I picked her up she gave me all the "Yellow Cars" she saw through the window.

Anonymous said...

john still available on now show until 02.00 ish tuesday night wednesday morning C/O radio 4 extra now show
Hull is brilliant, obviously :-P

S said...

You're brilliant.

E T Henderson said...

I'm just popping in to say Happy International Polar Bear day! :D

Anonymous said...

E T, how cool is that, "take that winnie"
anonymous, Hull

MJN Frequent Flyer said...

Hello, Mr. Finnemore!

I'm a 17 year old from California, and I'm a huge fan of Cabin Pressure and your radio comedies. They're simply brilliant!

Please continue making people smile throughout the world. Never stop!

John Finnemore said...

Thanks everyone! And best wishes to Pipit- get well soon.

Anonymous said...

shy anonymous in hull loves sparrows goats, but wont log in to say so, im so shy :-p
John, heard Feedback, you really got respect there
23.40 onwards
and the now show still available to listen for about 8 more hours

Anonymous said...

Anonymous in Hull is listening again, with abowl of porridge, do you really talk like that all the time, gosh. I thought it was your Arthur voice. Love it almost as much as county durham accent

Anonymous said...

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