Thursday 24 January 2013


Shortish one this week, I'm afraid, and no pictures, because I'm in Cuba, about to start a cycling trip. I know, get me... When I get back, I'll come back to this post and put a notebook picture in. Also, this may well be my last wifi for some time, so I don't know when I'll get to do a Wokingham post next week.

Anyway, I'm glad you like Theresa! She was a lot of fun to write, as was Maxi. And Herc, of course. And come to think of it, Karl had some of his best scenes this week.

I was amused that last week, more than one person suggested that Martin had such a rotten time to balance out his good luck from the week before. And there was I thinking to myself 'You think he had a good week in Timbuktu? Oh, just wait till you hear Vaduz!' In fact, for a long time Vaduz and Uskerty were combined into one monstrously overlong Vaduzkerty hybrid, in which most of the things that happened to C and M in Uskerty happened to the boys, Theresa and Maxi on the way from Vaduz to the nearest airport in Switzerland. But, as well as being way too long, it was all a bit mad, and luckily this time round, I had enough time to recognise that, ask myself what story I was actually trying to tell, realise that I was trying to tell at least two different ones, and separate them out accordingly.


'Is the dragon stuff a reference to Benedict's role in The Hobbit?'

No. That never even occurred to me. To misquote Freud: 'Sometimes a dragon is just a dragon.'

'What do you mean, 'the King of Liechtenstein'? There is no King of Liechtenstein! The monarch of Liechtenstein is The Crown Prince!'

That's right. Also, he isn't ten years old, and has never flown with MJN Air. King Maximilian the Eighth is a little something I like to call a fictional character. They're easier to write for than real people, because you can make them say whatever you like. I think they might catch on.

Actually, in early drafts, Maxi was the Crown Prince, which lead to a scene I quite liked of him trying to explain the concept to Arthur. But the problem was that the moment of revealing that the monarch Martin was so excited about meeting was just a kid didn't really work if he'd been described as a Prince, because one of the images we all have in our head of Princes is of royal children. So I bumped him up to King, in direct contravention of hundreds of years of proud Liechtensteinean tradition. Sorry, Liechtenstein.

While we're about it, Vaduz doesn't have an airport. Nor, for that matter, does Ottery St Mary.


There was one - a much longer version of the conversation between Maxi and Martin about bullying. But I don't have it here with me, so instead here's the Arthur / Maxi scene I mentioned just now - not so much deleted as never included in the first place!

ARTHUR So, you’re the king of all of this?
MAXI Yes. But I’ve not the King, I’m the Prince.
ARTHUR Oh, right. When do you get to be King?
MAXI I don’t… I don’t need to be king! I’m the Prince! That’s as high as it goes.
ARTHUR Well, King is as high as it goes.
MAXI Not in Lichtenstein!
ARTHUR So who’s highest in Lichtenstein?
MAXI I am!
ARTHUR Even though you’re not the King?
MAXI I don’t need to be King! It’s a principality!
ARTHUR What does that mean?
MAXI It means Prince is the best here.
ARTHUR Ok. You’ve got a crown, though, haven’t you?
MAXI ...Well it’s just like a crown.
ARTHUR ‘Like’ a crown?
MAXI It’s called the Ducal Hat.
ARTHUR The Ducal Hat?
MAXI Yes! It’s very valuable!
ARTHUR I’ve got a hat.
MAXI It’s basically a crown!
ARTHUR Would you have a crown if you were king?
MAXI Yes! No! It doesn’t matter! I don’t want to be king!
ARTHUR You don’t want to be King of Lichtenstein?
ARTHUR Ok, so can I be?
ARTHUR Why not?
MAXI Because it doesn’t mean anything! You can’t be King of a principality!
ARTHUR Well, it doesn’t mean anything, can I be it?
MAXI Yeah! Ok! Sure!
ARTHUR Brilliant!
DOUGLAS Any luck?
ARTHUR   Not with making cars stop. But I’m the King of Lichtenstein now.
DOUGLAS Ah, the day’s not been wasted then.


Unknown said...

Dare i ask what you are doing, biking in Cuba?Good luck anyway! Top marks for Vaduz,and REALLY looking forward to Wokingham!

Sarah (The grumpy one) said...

We came to the practice thing of Vaduskerty and I thought it was perfect then so I was a bit sad when we listened to Uskerty because I thought the story wouldn't be the same and I was worried Martin wouldn't get to meet Princess Gerti the same way because he'd already done the bit with the geese but after hearing the two episodes I reckon you made it even better. I do love Cabin Pressure, it is beautiful.

And I wish people would stop saying they think you are putting in hints about MJN winding up because I nearly cried at St Petersburg, I really thought that was it and then Douglas did something clever and everything was ok, so even if you stop writing it and something disastrous happens to them all then in my head five minutes after the end of the episode Douglas will do something clever and then everything will be ok.

I'll stop wittering now.

Anonymous said...

It surely could not be wound up before 'z'?

Sarah (The grumpy one) said...

I hope not! At least Z has to be reached, it would just be strange otherwise. No you've got me joining in speculating which is what I was complaining about other people doing in the first place... *brain explodes*

Cabin Pressure for ever!

Maren De Simone said...

Poor Arthur, playing "Yellow Car" with Maxi seems like playing "Calvinball" (as seen in "Calvin and Hobbes"), the rules of which are:
1.: You may not play the Calvinball the same way twice.
2.: All the rules are subject to be changed, amended, or deleted by any player(s) involved. These rules are not required, nor necessary to play Calvinball. (...)

I loved Matilda Ziegler in this episode- she brilliantly played Mr. Bean´s love interest in the eighties, and I sometimes wondered what had happened to her. It´s nice to know that she´s still around. She was very good with Theresa´s accent in my opinion.

All in all and looking at the king directly, another great episode.

Caroline said...

Well - I didn't get the pleasure of the preview of Vaduskerty, which I'm sure was excellent - but you certainly got two b(insert over-used epithet here) episodes out of the material - so I'm glad you chose to split it.

Thanks for the 'deleted' scene. In my head, if Martin finally gets to take a girl to Duxford Air Museum, then Arthur can be King of Lichtenstein, with its attendant Regal Hat.

Incidentally, a friend of mine's pilot 'Man-She-Knows' dragged her to Duxford for a day out recently - and she no doubt wondered why it made me smile so much.....

SJ Howitt said...

Be careful in Cuba!
Loved Theresa and Maxi, and Karl having extra lines! Superb! xxx

Paula Jantunen said...

Well darn, Mr. Finnemore, you were supposed to hook Martin up with Molly Hooper :-) But I suppose we mustn't complain.

Really looking forward to Wokingham!

Anonymous said...

Please, Please, if anybody gets married in CP4, --is it too late for you to arrange the wedding at the Cathedral of Ottery St Mary, where there the body of the town's patroness, holy martyr St Mary lies in a magnificent tomb covered with 100 marble otters carved by Bernini ?

If there is a wedding (decorated with smuggled orchids?) I hope the guest list might include all the exes of all cast members, plus Mr Birling and his aweful wife; and the younger members of the House of Lichtenstein. Maybe even the nicer personnel at assorted airports. After the reception, The happy couple might drive away to happily-ever-after in a yellow car. . .

Unknown said...

I was at the preview too, and at the recording of the Uskerty episode, which means I had a long time to worry about the state of Martin's love life... So happy to see things going his way for once, even if I do wonder what he would think appropriate for a second date since his idea for the first one hasn't changed in years! I hope we'll see the deleted scene when you get back. In the meantine, I hope you'll have a good time in Cuba.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, when you return from Cuba, post / draw us a picture of a Ducal Hat ? I wanna imagine Arthur wearing it.

(Maybe you could draw a Ducal Hat onto a photograph of you as Arthur ? )

Nicole said...

This episode was (as Arthur would say) brilliant! How lovely to see Martin's luck changing in regards to his love life. Can't wait for Wokingham!!

Luna said...

Cuba? I think that's a bit of an overreaction. ('We did that joke already.' 'Yes, but it's funnier now.' 'No it's not.') (Sorry)

I have to say, one of my favourite things about that episode was all the different pronunciations of 'Liechtenstein'! Sorry about that.

Jumping on the apparent bandwagon to say that I also love how it developed since the tryout, though I really really liked Arthur becoming the king... oh well. He's also an expert on bears, Timbuktu and Egypt, so that's something.(Does this mean he gets a discount on hiring Liechtenstein though? Because I've heard you can do that.) I do hope we get to see-er, hear-Arthur drive in a recorded episode someday though!

Another terrific episode, can't wait for Wokingham!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Cuba, you surely deserve some time out.

I really, really enjoy the fourth series as much as I enjoyed the other three. I think that especially Martin seems to have grown in a way since he (nearly?) killed a client's cat in Abu Dhabi. And the developments in his love life are just, well, lovely. Theresa makes me look forward Wokingham even more, I have to admit.

I did some counting: this series is made of 6 episodes - T, U, V, W, X and Y - right? What about Z? Do you have another Christmas (or Easter) Special somewhere?

Again, have fun in Cuba and have a safe journey home!

Anonymous said...

And thanks for the deleted Arthur-Maxi-dialogue! Terrific (as Douglas would say)!

Anonymous said...

This was ridiculously good. Thanks so much.

JoAnn said...

I don't even need to say how brilliant and terrific this whole thing is. Just remember to put Madame SB's chamber orchestra to play for Carolyn and Herc's wedding, if there is one...and of course, a piano solo by our dear Douglas Richardson.

Sharon said...

OH the Arthur/ Maxi scene is PRECIOUS <3<3
Oh, and if you don't mind me asking, is Cabin Pressure going to have a 'Z' episode??

casy said...

Vaduz is from now on my favourite episode!!! Martin finally meets a women - and she's even a Princess - who wants to go out with him. It's about time Martin got his share of happiness :D AND of course Herc returned!! I love the 'arguments' he and Carolyn have /had soooooo much!! Hope the Martin/Theresa and Carolyn/Herc relationships will have a happy outcome (not ending cause I don't want CP to end at all :) ) And we hopefully hear at one point how Herc reacts to his birthday present LOL
Again a brilliant episode!! Mr. Finnemore YOU ARE BRILLIANT :)
Have a nice time in Cuba

Anonymous said...

John! Fine work!
Hooting with laughter at the quite touching relationship between Martin and the Princess (didn't think I'd ever write that!) and was bowled over by her out-Carolyning Carolyn. Worth many re-listens for the sheer joy of the words and acting. I'm a bit worried that you are working towards an end with Carolyn encouraging Martin to leave MJN and her relationship with Herc suggesting how MJN could keep going without him.
I'm also worried about 6 episodes and 7 letters left from the start of series 4 - I can't wait until Christmas for Z!
Looking forward to your post-Cuba update.

T. said...

I'm so very happy for Martin! He's finally got his bobsled team!

Thank you for another wonderful episode.

Ella said...

Brilliant episode!
I was wondering if you had made any changes to the scene where Carolyn and Herc are talking about windsurfing and love? I was lucky enough to be at the recording and I seem to remember Anthony sounding very much like Mr Benevolent, from Bleak Expectations, when he started talking about humanity, but this was not really the case in the actual episode. Where some changes made or is my memory failing me?
Looking forward to next week enormously and enjoy your cycling trip!

Daedalus said...

Good to hear Matilda Ziegler has recovered from "Rigor Mortis". Looking forward to hearing Pru Scales as Martin's Mum next week (actually married to Timothy West, who plays Mr. Shappey!). Still think wicked Wanda Ventham would have been a more appropriate choice...

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have a film of the recordings. I've always wanted to go to the live ones, but couldn't get tickets and didn't have time.
Next recording could you possibly film it please?


The Real Emily said...

You have made me SO unbelievably happy by giving Martin a girlfriend who outranks Kate Middleton!

Also, I desparately want to become part of Martin's bobsled team.

Anonymous said...

Daedalus - naughty spoiler.
I thought I'd seen Pru Scales on a recording photo. I thought she might be playing Gordon Shappey's new wife ...
Ho hum. Wokingham makes more sense - about Martin's dad's ring and a goose then?

Anonymous said...

You so deserve such a great holiday after your incredible brilliance on CP.

Thank you again for another funny, complex episode and really, Martin with a princess! He so deserves it with all he has put up with - if he ends with a princess, I will be stupidly excited.

I hope to be wrong, but I too hear foreshadowing about CP coming to an end. Even if it does, I will cherish the 4 seasons and listen to them forever. They always make me laugh, no matter how often I listen to them.

Love Wednesdays even more now that they are not just the middle of the work week.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Garnant said...

I totally loved Vaduz, with the dragon and the bobsled and the princess and the Disney toy and the public school and the assassins. It was all about being kind and having fun, wasn’t it?

Katri said...

Lovely feel-good episode! So happy for Martin too :-) Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Delightful episode. The Carolyn and Herc conversations were wonderfully written, she is such a fantastic character. Theresa is smashing too! Hooray for the bobsled!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another great episode, Mr. Finnemore! Theresa is a great character. I laughed far too hard when she was telling Maxi how he won't make friends by telling people his rank all the time, and then Martin's "that's true, actually."
The whole episode flowed well and was very funny. Can't wait for nest week!
Enjoy Cuba.

--ks from Illinois

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Finnemore,

Either Martin doesn't date anyone, or he's dating a princess? Okay:)
Enjoy Cuba!

Luke Surl said...

One of my favourite episodes to date! Congratulations!

Luke Surl said...

One of my favourite episodes to date! Congratulations!

Jessie said...

All I wanted out of season 4 was some Carolyn/Martin one-on-one time, and for the W episode to be Wokingham. We're only half way through the season, and you've given me that, plus Martin dating a princess. This is better than Christmas.

Anonymous said...

V stands for an early Valentine! Thanks for a fantastic episode :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Oh, this episode was absolutely brilliant! Theresa has to be my favorite one-episode character (unless you plan for more with her, I don't have your knowledge for what's going to happen next!) because she's so kind and I admire her ability to stand up to Carolyn like she did. And of course Martin actually asking her out on a date to the air museum and her agreeing to go had me so happy! You had the right idea in allowing him to have a happy ending for once, because us fans really enjoy it too.

Arthur. Can I just mention how much it freaked me out when he managed to come up with a loophole for getting away with beheading people? No, I thought Martin was the unexpectedly evil genius, not Arthur!

I really enjoyed the scene with Martin and the king about how you can't make friends by showing off your rank to everyone. Martin has really grown since Abu Dhabi, and I absolutely adore the character development you include in the show! Maybe I haven't been exposed to enough comedies to know differently, but often times from what I've seen, the characters stay about the same for the sake of keeping them in their comedic type. You manage to add all these extra depths and make them grow and allow their bond to change and manage to keep it as hilarious (or maybe even moreso) since episode one. I feel like I'm showering you with too much praise all the sudden, and if I'm being too much, I'm sorry, but I just absolutely adore you as a comedy writer, and I just need to let it out.

Oh, and have fun in Cuba! (Which I just realized is nice and warm instead of snowy cold like where I live and now I'm suddenly jealous of you.)

Picturetalk321 said...

Herc is my second-favourite character, after Mr Birling, and I liked the new soppy Herc in this ep...! Also, how many actors have played Karl? And is that now a thing: let's see if we can get a new guy to play Karl every time he appears? My favourite Karl was actor-from-The-Office!Karl in series 1. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Vaduz was an utter delight! Funny and sweet, and full of charming little things like Arthur Shappey Esquire, and the "four or five low reverent hoots," and the bobsled, and the little Christmas tree, and the Good Ship Douglas Makes Fun of Martin's Medals. Such tight writing throughout. And Theresa is a joy.

Each Wednesday I've been going home over my lunchbreak so that I can tune in to BBC radio and be a giddy CP fan. Thank you for that!

~Diane in Nebraska

Anonymous said...

Ah, Cabin Pressure Wednesdays--the grinning goes on for days and days! I've had to replay the end of "Vaduz" several times just to savor Douglas' reaction to Martin and his Dragonslayer.

Thanks so much, John!

--Cheryl in Orange County, CA (where it rained today. Whoopee!)

Kris said...
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Kris said...

I'm OBSESSED with knowing if Martin got a kiss at the end of the ep. I'd like to think she pecked his forehead (since she's three inches taller). So happy for Martin! (And I'm a rabid slash shipper so you REALLY convinced me.)

Do you have a thing with horrid, bratty, jumped-up adolescent boys? That's the second one we've got in the series ... not including Martin. :)

Enjoy Cuba! I hear it's beautiful.

Amandha said...

Herc is my favorite recurring character. Gotta love his voice and his bickering with Carolyn.
If you don't mind me asking, have Herc and Arthur had any bonding time in these 16 months?

Jess said...

I always look forward to the return of Karl. He did not disappoint.
One thing I'd love to know, what does Arthur's hat looks like? I'm imagining a small fez like thing except flatter and without the tassels.
Vaduz was terrific! So much love for Herc and Carolyn.
Thank you so much and have fun in Cuba!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved this week. Theresa is absolutely a new favourite I've my fingers crossed she'll appear again!

You are a genius.

Cathy in Canada said...

This is my favorite episode. I loved Herc and Carolyn discussing "love" like a business transaction, and I fell off my chair laughing at the Princess taking a strip off Carolyn - especially in defense of Martin.
Have a great break in Cuba. Going to Mexico myself in a month... Ah, the warm weather...

Gordiana17 said...

Mr. Finnemore! i think you should consider including the deleted scenes as a special feature on CD with Cabin Pressure... And, come to think of that, maybe DVD with making of... It is too late for the aired series now, but maybe from the next one...

Caro said...

I think the one liners in this episode are the best I have heard in half an hour of comedy since Frasier - brilliant!
Have to say BC is a brilliant actor his voice in the Radio drama Copenhagen was a completely different pitch

Justine said...

I have to say I did wonder why they couldn't remove the excess fuel, because we know, from Douz, that fuel can be taken out of the plane. Still it was a super fun episode. The London Marathon, what an image!

Ellie said...

Can I just say: Thank you!

I adore Cabin Pressure and listen to it so often I can practically quote it word for word. Vaduz was, in a word, Brilliant! I think Ottery St. Mary has a bit of competition for the spot of Favourite Episode Ever!
I listened to it at about one in the morning and was trying desperately hard not to laugh and wake up the rest of the house.

Funnily enough I was only thinking the other day that Martin needed a girl who could take on Carolyn and Douglas and then it happened! I hope Theresa comes back, or is at least mentioned again.

Keep up the fantastic work and have fun in Cuba!

Fuesch said...

So you weren't inspired for the child king Maxi by the sugary snack "Kinder Maxi King"? XD

toni said...

Princess Nora of Liechtenstein married Don Vicente Sartorius y Cabeza de Vaca, 3rd Marquess of Mariño who competed in the 1956 Winter Olympics. In the bobsled team.

Mandy (from Australia) said...

Martin's got himself a bobsled team! I loved it, such a funny ep.

Wokingham sounds extremely promising...

Have a great time in Cuba!

Kirby said...

GOODNESS, Vaduz just made me so ridiculously happy, I wouldn't even mind at this point if you decided to officialize Martin's bald spot. Theresa is honestly just perfect in every way and is right up there with my other six favorite characters (the four main cast, Herc, and Karl from ATC.) And speaking of Herc, I LOVE his and Carolyn's relationship at this point! Looks like they've both finally found their match -- though poor Carolyn is going to have to get used to the 'expressing emotion' thing.
ANYWAYS, sorry for the rant, but I just can't help but love this episode (and the entire show of course) to bits! Don't mind me as I hold my breath waiting for the next one!
Hope you have lots of fun biking in Cuba (a well-deserved holiday or perhaps a New Year's Resolution ?) and while the lack of wifi is surely heartbreaking, I hope my comment doesn't get lost among many other lovely messages upon your return.

Love you all bunches! xoxo Kirby
(PS - did you ever get my postcard? I was given the opportunity to send free postcards to people, and well, couldn't resist, so I put your '2 things to do before OR after you're thirty' on the front and sent it to your agent. I crack myself up. Ok bye!)

Anonymous said...

Just have to tell you how completely brilliant and amazing you are. Seriously, I was smiling like an idiot all day because of this perfection.
Thank you so much! :)

Tracy S. said...

I feel driven to comment after each episode because they are all so wonderful(!), but the usual superlatives seem so repetitive now!

OMgosh, Martin and a princess?! Herc's vulnerable side! Dear Arthur and Maxxie and yellow/green car! Douglas to perfection! And Carolyn finally rendered speechless?! Let me just say thank you again for sharing your amazing talents through this endearing series!

Aside from enjoying each hilarious moment of Cabin Pressure, the coolest and most satisfying feeling is at the end when things come full circle in the cleverest of ways! It's like, "aaahhh!" - a nice cold drink on a long hot day!

Thank you again, Mr. Finnemore - you have a very cool brain! I can't wait to hear what it comes up with next! I must end here as I've used up my allotment of exclamation marks, ha ha! Have a fantastic and restful bike trip! :D

VV Neve said...

My family and I have been listening to these as they come up on iPlayer—we're in Los Angeles—and they're just about the highlight of our week. This episode was especially wonderful. Dragon rescues! Hypothetical treasonous beheadings! And Martin has his bobsled! *utterly delighted* Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Another great episode :) Thank you!!
After an extra Z ep - that hopefully we will get... I would suggest some letters from Polish alphabet that don't exist in English: Ą, Ć, Ę, Ł, Ó, Ś, Ź, Ż... and then just change the language for another extra letters :) and so on... CP FOR EVER!!
greetings from snowy freezing Warsaw! B

Pauline Laing said...

Thank you so much John! I listened to Vaduz in the car. I laughed, I guffawed, I applauded (at the lights, of course). It's getting to where you can't Finnermore and drive any more.

Pauline Laing said...

Oh, and previous anonymous, thanks for the extra letters! I've thought they could run the alphabet backwards for a return trip!

Ross Bennett said...

I do like the backwards for a return trip idea! Seems quite a bit more workable than Addis Ababa, Bora Bora or Baden Baden, Clapham Common.

When I wake up on Wednesday mornings this past three weeks, the very first thing that enters my mind is CABIN PRESSURE DAY! YAY! I swear it's like waking up on Christmas morning was when I was a child.

enigel said...

Eeeee! I didn't think one could top "I'd feel awkward going to dinner with a man who named a goose after me", but you did! :D

I love this whole episode. And even though I mourn the loss of the line about "Arthur as a facilitator in a despotic regime" (mostly because I wanted to hear Roger Allam's delivery of it), Arthur as a henchman works too, and I'm glad the beautifully crafted line about "the good ship 'Douglas Makes Fun of Martin's Medals'" stayed and shone on. :D

(And I loved Therese making fun of Martin's medals, too.)

The merry-go-round-Fitton was terrific; I always like Carl's cameos - well, Karl now I suppose - and he certainly had a lot of good material to work with this time. And I <3 Therese saving Martin.

Enerjax said...

Absolutely LOVED Vaduz, and Karl's lines were fantastic,, 'scream if you wanna go faster' was one of my favorite bits!

I see in other comments of people talking about a possible wedding in CP! It made me think about how I was actually proposed to at an airport, unforgettable! Right before my man and I were about to board a trip back to our then home in Japan from Indiana :D The best part was as we boarded the stewardess asked with a casual "How are you today?" while we were boarding, and I could not hold back the excitement and blurted out that I just got engaged. Next thing I knew, she was announcing it with a bingbong and we walked to our seats with the passengers clapping and cheering for us. True story! :)))

Cannot wait for Wokingham next week, and good luck on your cycle trip!!

Pipit said...

I LOVE the last two lines of the "deleted" scene! Plus, the interaction between Arthur and Maxi was so charming and funny. Arthur finally had someone on his level to play with.

Herc being in love with Carolyn and her deflecting it was wonderful. Of course, she COULD drop the Knapp-Shappey and just be Carolyn Shipwright. Sounds nice, actually. One wonders if Herc would join MJN if they did tie the knot.
Arthur could call him "Dad" and maybe not get broken when asked what he is like.

Karl was at his best, too Loved the line about ordering an angry posh man!

I adored Maxi's additions to "Yellow Car", I could really rack up the points with "black dog" in my redneck neighborhood in Florida.

Thank you, again, Mr. Finnemore, for making my week!

Emma said...
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Emma said...

My grandmother plays “Yellow Car” in a similar way to the King of Liechtenstein except, with her, it’s everything that is yellow. Everything.

Yellow trucks, yellow lights, yellow signs, yellow clothing, yellow fruit, and, yes, a yellow dog!

It reads kind of annoying when I write it out like that but she’s actually pretty adorable about it. Especially when she laughs in triumph at having seen whatever yellow thing it was before the rest of us!

Gina said...

Okay, I get why you had to change the prince thing -- but I would give a week's salary to have heard Arthur say, "I'VE got a hat." Also to hear that last exchange between Douglas and Arthur. :-D

Annie Janssen said...

Dear John Finnemore,

Cabin Pressure is so good, that tonight at the end of Vaduz I burst into spontaneous applause even though I was listening alone. (I know, how sad is that?) And at that moment I thought to myself: This is not just any light entertainment programme. This is the best sitcom since Faulty Towers! - which I'm sure you will understand is the highest possible praise. Thank you so much for all the joy you give with your wonderful writing!

Dave Shelton said...

I hate that I'm such a pedant but for some reason this is a thing that especially annoys me: the past participle of 'lead' is 'led' (not 'lead' as you put). You did this several times last week and I bit my tongue (or my typing finger, or whatever) and stopped myself from saying anything. Now you've done it just once this week and I can't stop myself.


I love your work. I admire you greatly. This is my one complaint. Stupid isn't it?

Elwing said...

Martin and Theresa together were so unexpected and delightful! I just wasn't thinking of it at all, and then she started flirting and I was like Yes!! Good on ya Martin!

I was also delighted by how happy Douglas was with it too. It sounded so happy and genuine from him.

I am a bit concerned we aren't paying attention to Douglas and Arthur this series. I mean a divorce must be tough on Douglas and though I know he loves being inscrutable, I do wonder if I will ever get to hear a more vulnerable Douglas.

Also, are you planning on have Herc take over as captain from Martin? I don't think I'll ever be happy to say goodbye to Martin, but I do love Herc (and I think Anthony Head is magnificent in all ways). Oh how I hate change and how I love these four. I would love for this to continue forever.

But for now, onward to Wokingham. And as always, thanks so much for writing this and letting us into the world of these four brilliant people.

ConfessionalPoetess said...
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ConfessionalPoetess said...

Why don't you use teen or young adult actors to play the children on the show, such as Carolyn's nephew and King Maxi? In each case it wasn't immediately clear to me that they were so young--I though they were weird, creepy adults! :)

Eclectic Man said...

Folks, please, if you went to a recording that has not been aired yet, and refer to any details in it, put SPOILER at the top of your post so that those of us who were not there do not accidentally read it.


Unknown said...


Please, please, please please please, please, PLEASE can you keep Martin and Theresa together Mr Finnemore?

I just want him to be happy :(

Anonymous said...

So, another great episode, love to see Martin's luck changing.
I understand that a good think has to come to an end at some point, why, because my mum told me so as a kid. But even then I always said "why"

So how about Herc's redundancy buys a second plane (current call sign is "GTR" so maybe "SRI" to keep the car reference going). Now we need another copilot. Set up Teresa, as she always wanted to be a pilot and as a princes could work for free. Now we have the option of 2 crews and lots of combinations. 

Here's hoping, we might even get to go round the alphabet again. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm just not really 'feeling' this series, I'm afraid. I think this is partly nothing to do with you and partly due to some of the frankly terrifying Martin-because-of-Cumberbatch fans who won't hear a word against their 'darling' (even when he's an irritating git) and partly because it's very much become the 'Martin show' and he was always my least favourite. I'm pleased for him, but at the same time I'd much prefer to meet Douglas's daughter than Martin's mother, etc.

Indy said...

I'm worried now! With Martin being encouraged to job hunt and Herc potentially being a pilot at a loose end (if Carolin gives in to Herc), does this mean Cabin Pressure will be saying goodbye to Cumberbatch!?

Anonymous said...

Personally, if it's a choice between losing the character Martin or replacing the actor, I'd be happy to have the role taken by the gentleman who played Martin in Newcastle. I thought he did a fine job.

QueenPaige said...

Whew, I don't know about you but reading some of these comments make me depressed! Have faith you guys, everything will work out for the best!

I don't even know what to say about this episode, if I tried to tell you just one thing I loved I'd end up going on a rant about "Oh! And this moment because yadda yadda, which reminds me I liked THIS, AND OH JUST ONE OTHER THING.... I lied about one more because, this one too" and we don't want that. It's bad enough I wasted all that space telling you exactly what I wasn't going to do.

I do have to agree with the fact there has been a lot of focus on Martin in this season... not that I mind, he is my favorite character (No, not because he's played by Benedict, chill out everyone) but this leads me to think the big surprise/cliffhanger at the end will have to do with him. Or are you setting us a red herring? I DON'T KNOW. I JUST DON'T.
It must be so fun for you to watch our little brains try and figure everything out in your scheme (or as I like to call it "A hat." Sorry. That was cheesy like Camembert. ... Okay seriously, sorry, someone please stop me.)

I'll just finish by saying I'm totally psyched for Wokingham this Wednesday, I can't even begin to imagine all the misadventures you have planned. Sad I can't listen to it live on iPlayer, I have a class starting then. Most weeks my brother and I wake up early to have a special breakfast in celebration of the new episode, it's pretty sweet :D

-Your fan from Phoenix AZ, who intended this to be a much shorter comment than it turned out to be.

Puck said...

I love this episode especially Theresa and Maxi. They are brilliant, as Arthur would certainly describe them. And I love Karl's lines. And the deleted scene. And Herc. And... Everything in fact.

Thank you so much for the joy you give us with your wonderful writing!

Have a nice time in Cuba.

Veej said...

It seems that some fans are concerned Mr Cumberbatch won't be available for future series.
Well, Roger Allam, Stephanie Cole and Anthony Head all appear in major TV series (for anyone outside the UK, these include The Thick Of It, Coronation Street, Merlin). Then there's stage work, for instance, Roger won the 2010 Olivier award for Falstaff at the Globe Theatre - these are actors of considerable stature and much in demand.
Add to all that John's writing for and appearances on radio, the Souvenir Programme, the Now Show, the Unbelieveable Truth etc, and I think we've been amazingly lucky to have this fourth series with all of them present!
But is it the singer or the song? As others have said, Tom Goodman-Hill gave us Martin in "Newcastle" and at the recording of "Rotterdam", the audience, including me & my daughter, found Herc great fun although Anthony wasn't there that day to play him. (My apologies to the actor, I remember his performance but have forgotten his name!) We've had different actors appearing as Carl/Karl, each as funny as the others and it hasn't spoiled the fun.

Anonymous said...

I really liked Vaduz and you know what I really liked about it? I liked getting to see Carolyn away from MJN, even though she was essentially still glued to the job. But there were cracks were you could see more to her character and that was really nice. She is not the little old lady she worries about being back in Helsinki, I hope she gets to realise that by the end of the series.

You really are a wonderful writer.

Daedalus said...

And this episode made "Pick of the Week"! Sheila McClennon picked the "how many in a bobsled team" segment.

Indy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Indy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Indy said...

to those who seemingly suggest Cumberbatch mania has clouded the judgement of forum members. Cumberbatch could be replaced (and was for an episode last season). I personally would lament the passing of his character, which appears to be on the cards, because Martin is an underdog. Arthur, although inferior, is a rubbish underdog because he doesn't give a dam. Martin really wants to be a big player, and his failures and occasional successes at this aim, make the character loveable. I would miss Marin/Cumberbach.

Anonymous said...

"and of course, a piano solo by our dear Douglas Richardson."
YES PLEASE! Gosh, I didn't know how much I wanted to listen to Douglas singing again until now.
I love the new season 4, especially Uskerty (which is now my new favourite!). And I enjoyed Vaduz!

Veej said...

I'd certainly miss the Cumberbatch Martin too! (Btw if my comment above appeared to suggest anyone's judgement was clouded then apologies, it certainly wasn't meant that way smiley winkey symbol) I expect this often happens when actors are so popular and have so many choice offers of work. Difficult for them to pick and then not regret the not-chosen role.

Anonymous said...

I'd miss Martin/Benedict, not because I'm a cumberbabe or whatever they call it, but because I love the chemistry between Roger & Benedict. But I think Benedict is more easily replaced than Roger - sorry, but Douglas could just NOT be played by anyone else! Whereas I thought Tom Goodman-Hill did a great job as Martin. But something tells me that this is all moot - I'm pretty sure we're building up to goodbye MJN with Martin getting a new job, & Carolyn making a decision about Herc one way or the other. I'm just worried about what'll become of Douglas. I'd love to see him make Captain again, but like Herc said, unemployed 50-something pilots...

Anonymous said...

While I felt extremely happy for Martin in this episode, I couldn't stop having the feeling that Martin was going to leave MJN (and replaced by Herc, maybe?). I do like Martin very much. As a graduate student who has been in school for way too long, I empathy with Martin a lot. I would feel sad if we were going to lose Martin... And I would be more heartbroken if Z would mark the end of the show. I love Cabin Pressure! It has been a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the next episode, while there still is one :)

Magda said...

I'm afraid John is going to break many hearts- last episode is Yverdon-les-Bains- Switzerland

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a word-game! Hilarious! And sooooo sweet of the crew to help Martin. I know exactly what he is going through with his siblings.

I hope you still enjoy Cuba.

Anonymous said...

I'd JUST finished Wokingham -- excellent as always, my friend and I were in tears as we did our weekly "listen to Cabin Pressure" date (her in Germany, me in the US) -- but I have to ask: when Douglas was trying to get coffee from Carolyn, and he mentioned gold blend, was that in reference to this series of ads Anthony Head was in?

Anonymous said...

I'd JUST finished Wokingham -- excellent as always, my friend and I were in tears as we did our weekly "listen to Cabin Pressure" date (her in Germany, me in the US) -- but I have to ask: when Douglas was trying to get coffee from Carolyn, and he mentioned gold blend, was that in reference to this series of ads Anthony Head was in?

Tina Poulson said...

I noticed the 'Gold Blend' reference in Wokingham, too :-)

Mr Finnemore, I really do love this programme and would hate it to end after this series - but, if it does, WHAT a way to go! I didn't think I could enjoy an ep more than Vaduz, and then out pops Wokingham. Just... utterly, utterly glorious.

Now, what were the jigsaws pictures of? One has a beard, the other has a tail and combined they would make a giant... WHAT? Please, do tell! [Is it too much to hope that the tail is from an otter?]

Indy said...

I'm so dense! I never noticed the alphabet thing. Now I'm really sad.

Mandy (from Australia) said...

Mr Finnemore, am posting my love for the Wokingham ep here - it was just wonderful, with its focus on Martin's family dynamics. The characters have come such a long way - a true testament to your writing skills. Will be sad when this season ends, and if the series ever ends. Thank you sir!

Pivli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pivli said...

Gosh, it's getting better and better!! Just makes me sad because it is nearing the end of the series. But I hope it will be next, the fifth? With a full crew, of course! MJN and cast - both!
Please, please, please!!!

mq, cb said...

Vaduz is still my favourite episode of this season. Sweet as Wokingham was, nothing tops Martin's bobsled. (And there's a sentence you don't type every day).

Indy said...

Naughty Carolyn... flying without a co-pilot!
I enjoyed Wokingham no end though!

Kat said...

Well, I read a few of the comments and must admit that I was worried too, since Martin’s and Carolyn’s talk in “Uskerty”, that our beloved Captain might be leaving MJN at the end of the series. I know that’s just me being selfish, but I really, really don’t want him to go. Neither Martin nor Benedict.

It was because of my love for Benedict’s lovely voice, that I came across the brilliantness of Cabin Pressure and I’m very grateful for that. Maybe I’m a bit too consistent but to change the actor always means to slightly change the character. Tom Goodman-Hill was a good Martin, but not the same Martin. And let’s say I love Martin, just as he is, absolutely to pieces.

And it’s not that I’m not totally in awe of Herc, but I don’t see him and Douglas having a good time together in the flight deck, in case he would be Martin’s replacement as a captain. They are just too similar in my opinion. Martin’s and Douglas’ friendship grew over the episodes up to the point where Douglas let himself be humiliated in front of the Crieff family just for Martin’s benefit. I don’t see much room to grow anything between Douglas and Herc. But I have faith in you Mr. Finnemore, so if you say there is indeed a nice place to pamper a little plant of whatever, I’ll help watering! ;)

We don’t know yet if we’ll have the honour to listen to a 5th series and I would be happy if the story ends well for all of them. Whatever way you chose for our lovely crew Mr. Finnemore, it’ll be fine!
And I’ll go now, re-listening “Wokingham” and tossing an apple to distract me from all the different ways you could have written out our dear Martin.

kodama said...

I loved Theresa! I'm so happy for Martin.

I've listened to Wokingham today... Do you know my Grandma? Any my Mum? Because Wendy sounds exactly like them!

Veej said...

I'd have been delighted to have Arthur looking after me following my heart surgery, what a sweetie he is!
Really liked the family dynamics in this one. So true that we tend to see our siblings as the children they were, not the adults they are now. Old nursery quarrels and pigtail-pulling get in the way somehow!

GG said...

Anonymous said "...I'm just worried about what'll become of Douglas. I'd love to see him make Captain again, but like Herc said, unemployed 50-something pilots..."

I'm worried about Douglas too. However, he is very good at devising games, particularly word games. I wonder if he could design apps or market them in some other form to provide an income?

Anonymous said...

Indy. The technical data is well researched so I can't believe John would write the story with a single pilot operating if it were not legal. It would be a pointless distraction.

Jenna said...

Love Cabin Pressure and just listened to Wokingham (one of my favorites ever!)
Anyway, I was just playing on, and I thought I'd try 'truth' like you posted several years ago.
According to 'the users' truth always makes you happy, is something you love, and is still something a baseball player never uses. Also, it can always be found in a church. Which one, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Yes, his talents are really wasted. My favourite moment had to be his pained response to Arthur's insistance in Uskerty that there wasn't nothing about Douglas to tease. Funny but oh so painful.

Kayleigh said...

"Indy. The technical data is well researched so I can't believe John would write the story with a single pilot operating if it were not legal. It would be a pointless distraction."

The show certainly is well researched but the crew of MJN do often do things that aren't strictly legal to do on a plane. Leaving the flight deck door unlocked when they have passengers for a start. So I can see them flying with one pilot even if they're not meant to. Although in Fitton, Douglas did say he was qualified to fly Gerti alone so it might well be legal, just a bit risky.

Caroline said...

Just listened to Wokingham for the second time (busy week)and loved it, as usual.
Though, on a purely selfish note, I hope Douglas avoids playing any 'words of one sound' games again in the near future, as I missed his usual 'dripping in syrup' delivery. Having said that, "...recombine with the familial gathering in the vestibule" rendered it worthwhile on this occasion.

Thanks, John, for brightening up our week yet again!

Tara said...

Dear John F

I loved this version from Vaduz a lot, but I thought there was something missing from the talk about bullying between Martin and Maxi. It's true that now, when Teresa thanks Martin for talking to Maxi, it remains a bit less understandable than with the whole conversation in mind(which I heard at the recording). Anyway, it is still great and when I listen to this, I have Herc with sunglasses in my head and many laughing fits from the characters. Great memories. Very well written that one, I love the dialogue with Martin and Douglas (and Teresa) in the beginning about dragons and musicals...Thank you for making us laugh. Enjoy your time off-line (which will be over as soon as you read this).

Lillian Bellamy said...

The bestest, most well constructed comedy on the radio that I can remember.

Matilda Ziegler, for it is she, is most talented. Is Martin going to marry her and become a Prince? Will Carolyn marry Herc? Will Douglas ever be a Captain again? Will Arthur's 'surprising Rice' become the fastest selling product ever making him a fortune, Brilliant!

Erin said...

At a quiz the other day, there was a round where you had to name the capital cities of various European countries. One of them was Liechtenstein, and because of Cabin Pressure I was able to name the capital as Vaduz. My team went on to win that quiz by only four points, so I would like to thank John Finnemore for helping me win the bag of Mini Eggs I recently enjoyed.

This series of Cabin Pressure has been the best yet (and I thought nothing could surpass series 3). Just listened to Xinzhou and I've never laughed so much. Martin has been having such a brilliant time I can't help but think it's all going to come crashing down around him in the last episode. Though I sort of hope it does, as that means MJN can continue and so can Cabin Pressure! These hints about it ending are worrying.

Even if it is coming to an end, please, please do a special for "z". Please

Tina Poulson said...

Can I please request that 'Z' is a Christmas Special where there's a double wedding?

Steve Carter said...

Thanks so much for another series! There's not a lot to laugh about at the moment - especially out loud but your Cabin Pressure does it for us every time!
Hmm, been yearning to go to Cuba for years. I know it's a long way to go for a smoke but I really want to go before anything changes. Do tell us about your trip when you get back. It's snowing again now just to cheer you up! Thanks again john!!

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Alex Smith said...

It's snowing again now just to cheer you up! Thanks again john!!
William S. Hart High School Senior Portraits

Tim and Amy said...

I've decided that Veduz is now my favorite Cabin Pressure episode. Not sure if it is because Martin FINALLY meets someone he can have a relationship with, or because that scene where Theresa is putting Carolyn in her place is just so funny....

But again, Mr. Finnemore, Thank you. I listen to CP pretty much every day and laugh every time. :-)

James said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Sorry - I am new to this. I am listening to 'Newcastle' and am now on a blog referring to 'Vaduz'. Just noticed note above as well and I am now terribly confused. John Finnemore, this is a note for you. I can't imagine you need Xanax, but isn't it terribly lovely of these people to let you know it's available if you need it. A note to let you know we played the Lemon Game last week in our call centre office, and it went quite well, you'll be pleased to know, but it was the General Manager who kept finding it, and he wasn't even playing. I commented on his superb tactics and then he told me to stop. We underlings reverted to 'Titles of Films that Sound More Interesting with the Last Letter left off' by email and you will be pleased to know our lot came up with superb suggestions such as 'Jungle Boo', 'Mad Ma', 'The Pianis' and 'No Country for Old Me', among others. I have no hope you might revive 'Cabin Pressure', so this is just to let you know you wrote a superb series and it lives on. Best regards, H

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