Saturday, 14 December 2013

KFC: Putting the 'bleak' into midwinter.

Is this the most depressing Christmas advert in the history of the world?

I can't decide whether it's worse if you imagine someone has written that label to themselves in a moment of bitter rage, hence the savagely sarcastic repetition of 'happy'; or as a genuine attempt to give themselves a bit of a lift by pretending the bag of takeaway fried chicken for one they're having for  Christmas dinner is a present. 

Either way, the really heart-breaking touch is the kiss at the end. 


Anonymous said...

Probably what I'm going to get for Christmas dinner. It's cool...

Mark Iliff said...

"Is this the most depressing Christmas advert in the history of the world?"

Gods, I hope so!

Shappeybunny said...

I especially like the touch of Hollywood glamour implied by calling it a "Trilogy". The Indiana Jones trilogy. The Star Wars trilogy. The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The... Box Meal trilogy. And what in the name of all that is holy is "popcorn chicken"?

Anonymous said...

It had BETTER be the most depressing Christmas advert in the history of the world. I don't know if we could deal with something sadder.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! That's meal for one, is it? No wonder we've got an obesity problem. (c:

Jane Russ said...

I am so thrilled to see that this struck someone else this way - I thought it was just me.
Horrid, Horrid, Horrid.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, the beheaded Santa coffee cup was far more depressing - celebrating the sprit of Christmas with the headless of body of its famous mascot isn't really the way it's supposed to go...

Never mind - at least all that chicken looks somewhat tasty! :)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is what the wombats are upset about.

Sarah-L-B said...

As someone who is literally on the edge of becoming a real incarnation of The Grinch, I suspect I'll actually be ordering one of these some day......

Daedalus said...

Does it include fizzy yogurt?

Tracy Strandness said...

See, there is something more depressing than my Christmas Tofurkey, lol! Actually, I don't find my Tofurkey at all depressing, and neither do the turkeys. These chickens on the other hand - the kiss doesn't make up for their sorry end :O

Philippa Sidle said...

I pass this advert on a bus stop every morning, taking my children to school. Yes, it's depressing. But the pedant in me wonders whether you could really have a KFC meal for Christmas dinner. I mean, surely they're shut on Christmas day?

Anonymous said...

"Surely" - the lovely word that keeps paying my mortgage...
For the sake of the slaves, you'd hope so.

keesiegirls said...

If it helps any, I would guess the "Happy Happy Happy" on the tag is simply meant to echo the "TRILOGY" on the box title. Which in turn does not bother me at all as I'm not religious. (We celebrate the Winter Solstice. In north America, the return to longer days is really something to celebrate.)

Anonymous said...

Tho it might look tasty at first glance, I'm afraid it's made of chicken bred in sadness, which was...hmm... processed by Machine of Pure Sorrow, and served sprinkled with tears of KFC weeping employees.

Excellent Christmas dinner.

Anonymous said...

Who WOULDN'T want a wedge of horse meat slapped between two pieces of stale "bread" as a Christmas present?

Tysolna said...

This may be the most depressing Christmas advert, but the in my opinion most depressing foodstuff was the Christmas dinner flavour Pot Noodle I found at Sainsburys the other day. I bought it on a lark - and found to my horror that it has a Christmas joke on the inside of the cover...

Caroline said...

The more I study it, the more depressing it seems.....Please John, hurry up and post something jolly to put us back in the festive mood!
As for the Christmas Pot Noodle......

mq, cb said...

Well, here's something that will cheer you up. See 1:09 at

All together now …

Cassie said...

You know I might be very happy to get a box of KFC on Christmas... hmmm... I wonder if my breakfast place is open on Christmas day... any food that does not come from the mess sounds good. (Great! Now I'm hungry.)

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Mike Hewitt said...

Does anyone know why I can't get CD's of any John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme or Cabin Pressure to give as the excellent gifts they would make this Christmas. This is humanitarian aid we are talking since life without such quality entertainment is hard to imagine. Marketing opportunity missed or maybe too popular but surprised I can't find them as tangible giftwrappable Cds.

Anonymous said...

Nope, sorry. The most depressing one is the TV version of this where the young gentleman is in the takeaway with his friends and he thinks that this could be a great present to get his girlfriend cos it's like three presents in one. And not one of his mates goes "Dude, really?!"

Gabby said...

I just can't laugh at this advert anymore, now that I saw the card...
But, to lift my spirits from that sad image of someone, enjoying a KFC Christmas box all by their lonesome on the merriest of days, my brain managed to remind me that in Japan it is an actual tradition to go eat at KFC with everyone, to share the joy of trilogy boxes and get finger licking and greasy, all together. Actually, that just makes me more sad. Somewhere, elves are weeping bitterly...

Anonymous said...

Hope no one minds me butting in here, but just thought that if anyone, like me, had downloaded Cabin Pressure from AudioGo, they need to make sure they have downloaded everything they've purchased before 1 February 2014.

After that date they won't be available as the site is no longer trading.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm afraid I have the most depressing item of Christmas foodstuff, hands down. Are you ready?


Christmas cake. For one. Namely a single slice of Christmas cake in a box.
Yeah... I can see the tears of loneliness already... :(

Alison said...

On another food related horror note, it turns out fizzy yoghurt existed pre-Athur's experimental cooking.

It's called Go-Gurt Fizzix.

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