Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sunday Papers

Sorry for the eerie silence round here, I've been on rather a long holiday. However, I'm back now, and have been catching up on the Sunday Papers with Kevin. We exclusively reveal what George Clooney would have been called had he been a girl...

(There was a bit we had to cut for time which I rather miss now, where one of the papers said that although Clooney has been married before, nothing could be more different from his first wedding than this one. That's right. Nothing. No two concepts in all of human comprehension could be more dissimilar than George Clooney's first wedding, and George Clooney's second wedding…)


LadyRedCrest said...

Hope you had a fantastic holiday! Glad to see the papers again.

Ruth said...

Dear John,

when is Souvenir Programme 4 going to be aired? Wasn't it going to be in October? Yes, the leaves are in all kinds of colours now, but life still is much brighter with a weekly Souvenir date to look forward to...
May many nice holidays follow.

Anonymous said...

Ruth - October 16 is the first episode of JFSP going to air!

John - one could always post the cut scene as an extra? :)

Pipit said...

So glad you're back, John! I really missed your blog and, of course, the Sunday Papers.

So, what's next for my favorite comedy writer? I would love for you to write another radio sitcom, or, dare I hope, a television version of Cabin Pressure?

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late but I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

I love your ability to find the funny in things that just infuriate us lesser mortals. Piano man. Fairytale wedding with dismembered body. Hee!

Kath said...

AUDIBLE GASP! I still can't believe you did Sunday Papers on your birthday. That's some serious commitment to the cause of making us laugh. Thanks John and Kevin, you've made Sundays much funner.

Brynhild said...

Cut for TIME? TIME? You know, these videos can be as long as you want them to be. We love every second of them. Thank you so much for doing it!

Judy said...

Happy birthday, John, and thanks for these hilarious videos!

Anonymous said...

Dear John, (I've never written on of those before!)
I hope you have a vey happy birthday! I am so glad you and Kevin let us in on the secret of GC's wedding. I won't breathe a word.
I have a question which has been plaguing my children and me for ages. I have read your FAQ and ALL the comments and have yet to see it asked or answered. What is the name of the movie in which the bald guy was in the pay of the mob all along and that woman from the West Wing shot Bill Paxton?!
Lindsey in Alabama (and all six of her children who are avid fans of Cabin Pressure and think you would be the coolest celebrity to meet in the whole world.)

Johnny E said...

Adding my name to those mystified why these videos can't be as long as you have material to make them... is it about pacing & flow, or literally trying to keep them to a certain running time?

Valya said...

Your blogs always cheer me up. I hear you are a fan of The Famous Five. Or at least you spoofed them on Souvenir Programme. Can you tell me which episode? I would love to find it. I happen to have most of the original books, with classic 1940's illustrations.(being of a certain age, i.e. pretty old but amazingly cool). Those adventurous, and parentally neglected, kids, and that dog, Timmy, knew how to pack away a meal while fleeing from smugglers.

Alex C said...

New series starts tomorrow night at 6.30 on Radio 4 :-)


Does this deserve a post of it's own?

Anonymous said...

Come on Finnemore! Stop gallivanting around and give us another blog. The Wee in Dundee survey that you tweeted still makes me giggle

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's not significant in any way that the lead up to Souvenir Programme is an ebola warning.

dr.bob said...

Very good, I especially liked the reveal of "legs!" :)

Minor quibble: can you either mount the camera somewhere else, or be careful not to bang the table to hard. You make the picture go a bit wobbly at times.

Shame you had to cut some material out. Sounds like that would've been enough for an entire episode by itself!

Clifford T Molestrangler III said...


I just heard Apparently for the first time. Someone at work told me why people always ask for security code on the back of a debit card. I expect you know it too by now, I'm sure I'm not the first smartarse to try and look smug by telling you, so I won't, unless you reply.

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