Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sunday Papers / Farewell Bear Facts - Cremona

First, let's have a look at the papers. Kevin and I discover how dogs shop for Christmas; why you MUST monogram your backgammon set; and how readers of the Financial Times spend their money. Clue: Jewels. All that, here.

Secondly: Cremona. Ah, every series had one episode that caused far more headache and trouble than any of the others, and Cremona was series one's. Maybe it was because it started out life, as described  two days ago, as part of the plot of the pilot; or maybe it was because I hadn't learnt yet how much plot a half hour sitcom episode can comfortably hold, but this one drove me mad. Which is not to say I don't like it now- it's got lots of good lines, and is an excellent establishing episode for Douglas. But it was murder to write. Though by no means the hardest. We'll come to the hardest.

None of which is a fact. Ok, here's a fact I've certainly never mentioned before: when I was researching the show, I talked to several charter airline pilots, and I asked one of them who was the nicest - and who was the most difficult - celebrity he'd flown. I shan't tell you the most difficult; but the nicest, he said, without any hesitation at all, was Norman Pace (Half of the British comedy double act Hale and Pace). In a totally different context, a friend of mine who plays poker very seriously I know had mentioned Norman Pace as the nicest celebrity poker player he'd ever met. So, I decided Mr Pace's apparent niceness should be celebrated, and made him MJN's favourite client...


pooja negi said...

november's sunday paper was BRILLIANT.. especially kevin world's most impressive collection of balloons...

The Real Emily said...

I LOVED Cremona! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Anonymous said...

Sunday Papers was amaaazing!

Love these fun facts!

Katherine said...

Norman Pace was in the final episode of the original run of "Doctor Who" (I just discovered). I should watch it one of these days, now especially in honour of his niceness.

Most enjoyable "Sunday Papers"--thanks! Might want to consider slightly less brightly coloured sticky notes, which I noticed for the first time.

Steve said...

I liked your "terrapins tickle me if I lie" homage to I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again. Wonder how many other people are as sad as me to recognise it.

13 year old fan said...

I have an observation. I want to know if anyone else noticed this. In the most recent episode (Yverdon) , is the pilot(Madame something no-one can pronounce)who interviews Martin based off Elise Deroche, first woman to gain an aeroplane pilots licence?
I just wanted to know if anyone else had noticed this?

~ 13 year old fan

*I know I should wait until the Farewell Bear Facts on Yverdon but I'm away then, so ... *

Marie said...

"Arthur...there's something on your face."

" it?"

", lower. It's hanging off the bottom of your face - it's a sort of huge shelf of bone and flesh, and it's flapping about, making a horrible noise. Will you make it stop?"

Favorite lines of the whole episode....hehehe.

Jeryn Daly said...

Thank you so much for sharing these! It's really nice to see the creator counting down to the end with all the fans and giving us more material :)

Simon Emms said...

As someone from Kidderminster, I know how Hester feels...

Alex said...

What was douglas' plan in this episode?

At the end, Martin finds out that it was his idea to tell the camelot guys that Hester was at the hotel. What was douglas angling for here?

Was it a plan to get a room at the excelsior? Normally Douglas expains his schemes explicitly, but in this one he does not. I can't get my head around it!

Marco Bragazzi said...

I'm from Cremona mr. Finnemore, I'm proud to listen about my city in one of your works. But why you choose exactly Cremona?
I'm listen to this series, sounds nice. Good work.
Marco Bragazzi

Marco Bragazzi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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