Sunday, 12 April 2015


Hello! There is no way of doing this that doesn't sound incredibly self-important, so let's all just grin and bear it. The thing is, in the next few weeks I'm hoping to be able to announce a couple of new things I'm doing this year, at least one of which will involve live performances. Now (here comes the self-important bit) in the past, tickets for things like this have gone quite quickly, and I would like to make sure that people who are interested enough to, for example, keep tabs on this blog have the chance to get them. So, if you put your email address into the box below, I will send you an email about these things a week or so before I announce them generally.

(Your email won't be passed on to anyone else, and I won't send you emails very often. And of course you can always unsubscribe again. Your umbrella may go down as well as up.)


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Anonymous said...

It's times like this that I wish I had any chance of seeing the UK in my lifetime. :-/

Anonymous said...

Interesting I had to prove I was human before subscribing. Dinosaurs not welcome then.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Signed up!

Melanie T said...

Signed up...hope live performances means something outside of London...? Like, Leeds for instance...?

I can but try!

Unknown said...

Prove you are human.... It was going so well right up until that point. Even posting this comment you're asking me to prove I'm not a robot. Am I trapped in a really rubbish version of Bladerunner!?

Yve meston said...

Do you do guest appearances? Opening a charity shop in Poole Sat 25 April for instance?

MartinPic said...

Apparently I'm already subscribed. Yay. But I don't remember getting absolutely personally-tailored emails off you before (or even mass-mailed ones) - has it been a while since you sent anything out this way?

Anonymous said...

I too am already subscribed. That'll be why I saw you and your mate Dave in a wood panelled library in Kensington. Always happy to hear more from you.

Jü said...

Subscription: done. It's a bit silly given my usual whereabouts, but maybe this will finally give me a reason to go once again "from here to the U K". Also, I love the newsletter's name. :)

Richard said...

Love the spy v spy picture :)

Liz clayton, you made me laugh - thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest John, Thanks so much for the offer to subscribe, I only wish you had provided us with more exacting detail of what Brilliance it is that you have written for us now. I, unfortunately, live in Canada so I cannot see probably any of the performances, but I remain, your blind Canadian fan, Tim

Unknown said...

Signed up!

On an unrelated note, do you write for Jigsaw, or do any of the Jigsaw sketch group write for you? I only ask, as I was listening to them on Wednesday evening, and one of their sketches was almost identical to one of your Souvenir Programme sketches: the one where the husband doesn't know the name of his wife.

mejmidge said...

On another unrelated note re JFSP Series 2 episode 6 sketch on pairing up in a lesson - each time I hear it (I listen to Radio 4 Extra so am always a week behind) it reminds me of a lecturer at college who asked us to pair up with the person on their right. When we pointed out this didn't work she suggested we pair up the person on our left! Incredible.

Pipit said...

Hey, John, by any chance, did you do an AFLAC commercial? There's one running here in the states now and my husband and I both agree the man in it looks just like you. If it isn't you, we've found your doppelgänger!

Here's a link where you can watch.

Mountainebony said...

Hi John. Two questions. 1. When would you restart reading Sunday papers on youtube? 2. Marry me?

Philippa Sidle said...

It's telling me I'm subscribed already. Hmm! Well, hopefully that's OK!

TheRealEmily said...

I subscribed! So glad I live in London!

Peter T said...

Just signed up - hope I'm not too late !

Stephanie W. said...

I signed up but I live in Texas. :P Though who knows! Maybe I'll be lucky enough to travel at the same time you're doing a performance. *really hopes this happens*

Kit Lawson said...

I'm hanging out for an Australian visit. We need you.
Firstly, we have the PM who thought knighting Prince Philip would be a good idea. Secondly, the meerkat enclosure at Perth zoo echos to the sound of 'Simples". Thirdly, just come!

Anonymous said...

I, too, also agree as well that Leeds would be a marvellous place for you to pause in your nationwide pericomobobulations.

Anonymous said...

Will there be a performance in America, like in Boston?

Lillian Bellamy said...

Any chance you might get to Norwich John?

Unknown said...

Come to Coventry! I'll leave a trail of lemons...

Mic said...

come to california!!!!

Anonymous said...

Am now signed up. Hurrah and another hurrah! X

Anonymous said...

Second for Boston!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Texan who in 2008 moved to Broadbottom, Cheshire (we villagers call ourselves "Broadys") -- just in time to get addicted to CP.
I can hop a train down to Lun'non to enjoy whatever you see fit to set before us.

I do hope you take advantage of the forthcoming IN or OUT EU referendum to educate the public on what that doorstopper of the Lisbon Treaty (which was passed before our MPs even read it) permits the EU to do once the UK is well and truly trapped in it. We already know Brussels wants direct taxation, a diplomatic corps to replace the UK one, and a standing army. What else are we signing our lives away for, if we buy this "pig in a poke"?

The USA wants you in the EU to further its own interests-- and it also wants you in TTIP, which may or may not be a good Idea for the UK.

Speaking as a Texan American (I love my country but don't trust my government) who likes the UK, it sounds to me like the UK "might get the short end of the stick." I would hate the UK referendum to be like the Irish one--no, two: --"Keep voting till you give the answer the EU likes."

Be certain there's several more wars coming down the pike --so voters need to beware EU treaty commitments to send British troops anywhere, for any reason, unless through the UN.

Fee said...

Lincoln is a really lovely place. Perhaps you could come see for yourself? Although my mum still lives in the smoke so I can get a bed for the night if it turns out to be London again. If it doesn't involve Benedict Cumberbatch and his enormous posse there's even a chance that tickets could be had....

Unknown said...

You're very welcome! This has made my day :)
Glad to be of service, kind sir!

Agence immobilière maroc said...

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Naomi M said...

Hi John, thanks for the update emails! I love all your stuff �� I've just thought of a little addition to your Archers sketch if you happen to be carrying that on: a number of the old ladies sound like they're crying all the time. I just happen to have been listening to it tonight...Oops! It's for therapeutic reasons, honest!
Keep up the good work. PS I miss Arthur...

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