Monday 17 August 2015

John Finnemore's Souvenir Cabin

Hello! I am very excited to announce that this autumn I will be doing a live stage show for two weeks only at the Shaw Theatre in London. Here's the poster, and tickets are on sale here.

The show will be a mixture of favourite sketches from John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme; brand new sketches; a 'Since You Ask Me' adventure; quite possibly a song or two… and a specially written new monologue by Mr. Arthur Shappey, making his first live stage appearance. He's very excited. Well, obviously he always is, but I mean specifically about this.

Each show will feature one of five guest stars, as shown in the poster: the four cast members of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme, plus Kevin Baker, the 'Kevin' out of John and Kevin's Sunday Papers. The selection of sketches will be slightly different for each performer… and on the two Sundays, Kevin and I will do a live 'Sunday Papers'.

Here's who's on when:

30th September, 1st and 2nd October: Simon Kane.
3rd October: Margaret Cabourn-Smith
4th October: Kevin Baker
6th October: Margaret Cabourn-Smith
7th and 8th October: Lawry Lewin
9th and 10th October: Carrie Quinlan
11th October: Kevin Baker.


Tickets, as I say, can be bought here. 

The show has a Facebook page (which is more than I do.) It's a good place to ask any questions not answered here.

It also has a Twitter account. Why not.

The show begins at 7.30, and will be about two hours long, including an interval.

It is suitable for children. We've put over twelve as a guide, but this will not be rigidly enforced. If you have a well-behaved ten year old, bring them along. Come to that, I suppose, if you have a badly behaved fourteen year old, keep them away.

The Shaw Theatre is on Euston Road, next to the British Library, midway between Euston and King's Cross St Pancras stations.

…And I think that's it. Any questions, ask in the comment section, or on the Facebook page. Hope to see you there!


Alex C said...

Very sorry to say I'm off on Hols for virtually the entire run.
Any chance this might end up on the radio in some form later on?
Or as one of those downloadable things we can by from you?

Best of luck with the show anyway, and sorry not to be able to see it.

Unknown said...

Already have ticket for the 6th. Seriously cannot wait!

The Real Emily said...

I'm about to book tickets! So excited!

Unknown said...

I'm really excited about this, we've booked our tickets already.

Ariadne Jones said...

I think I'd love to see it, but since I'm definitely foreign (albeit not Belgian) and often have to rewind bits of radio, I'm not sure I'd make a good audience.

I don't have a well-behaved 10 year old nor a badly behaved 14 year old but in addition I can bring a grumpy 39 year.

Unknown said...

I MIGHT ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO GO! I think I might cry. My 16th birthday is in October so I might be able to hint at my mum for tickets (and a train ticket) to come and see this. Oh my that would be SO FAB! Ahh I am so excited for this :D

Luci Mahon said...

I feel very lucky that I have tickets for three of the shows. I'm very much looking forward to them! Thank you, John, and everyone else who's involved.

Philippa Sidle said...

I got the email about this, and felt sad as always. Stranded in Scotland... no entertainment budget to speak of... my usual sob story.

The very best of luck for the show though, John, and feel assured that if I still lived in the south/could afford it, I would be a relentless stalker.

Tim said...

the question I am continually asking myself: why did I sign up for John's email list when I am canadian and have no purpose to go across the ocean just to pop over and meet John Finnemore? Oh well, one can only hope that John in his not that infinite wisdom will have one of these recorded and sell it to his beloved audience *points to a glowing neon sign that says HINT*

Anonymous said...

Will the Sunday Papers be on youtube?

Anonymous said...

I'm dragging my (not unwilling) family to see you and Margaret on the 3rd. The 13 and 12 year old will be brilliantly behaved but I can't promise about the 44 and 40 year olds.
So looking forward to seeing Arthur Shappey Esquire in person!
From the Hubbards

Anonymous said...

What about Laugh4rory which I bought tickets for in order to see you and Susan C and which clashes with one of your show dates?

Thomas C Bullock said...

Carrie Quinlan! Live! Oh, and you.

Sadly, I'm in Colorado, so will await the very-much-evitable U.S. tour.

Capsicum said...

Can you bring it to Poole? This at the Tivoli would be, well...brilliant.

Naomi said...

Hi John, fantastic news! Huzzah! Have booked tickets for the final Saturday, especially for my husband's birthday. Can't wait! Any chance you might fit in a Basking Shark or two? I guess costumes might prove interesting?! Has to be one of my fav sketches... Fancy a bask?! :-D btw I don't know whether you have seen a comment I left recently on an old blog string (or whatever it's called) but if you're still doing the Archers sketch, I've noticed recently that more than one of the older ladies always sounds like they're crying...might be of interest. Thanks again John. Can't wait to meet Arthur. Fantastic!! I hope he's brought board games ;-)

Elwing said...

I fly out of London on the 30th of September!! After almost a month there. What are the chances?? I do wish I could have seen you live, but I do look forward to a lot of good work from you, whatever the media.

Anonymous said...

We'd like to bring our 3 month old. She had a great time at the Edinburgh Fringe. If she shouts, we'll take her straight out. Can we?

Agence immobilière maroc said...

Thanks for sharing !

Daisydevis said...

Just brought a ticket for the opening night for my ex-husband. He's huge fan and the 30th just happens to be his birthday. Feel all warm and glowy with my good deed. Of course his girlfriend will have to buy her own. I never claimed I was perfect...

Anonymous said...

Got a ticket straight away and was on cloud nine. Now my visa application got refused and I want to die.

Holly said...

I'd give anything to see this! I'm sure it'll be brilliant.

PurpleSparklePony said...

Hi guys,

I've left a message on the Souvenir Cabin's FB page but here's another one, just in case the blog's comments get a different audience. Anything possible, apparently . . .

I have a ticket for Thursday week, the first of October. Yours free, if you fancy, or for a friend who was a bit 50/50 and you couldn't convince to part with the money?

Leave me a message here to say you've sent me a private message also (and then do, actually, leave me a private message, otherwise it's like a dead letter drop from a Deighton novel, except that you've left the note under the fourth brick down and I'm looking at Camden Markets) and we can swap proper communications and ticket information and all those important details.

Or you could read the FB page and drop me a message there. Whatever's easiest. I don't mind the markets, myself.

Angeleyes22 said...

Saw this tonight and it was fab. My 'I'm not sure if she would have behaved as it is past bedtime anyway' 6 year old is very upset that she is missing out on Arthur. Please say you will release at least his monologue in some form.

Nina said...

Alas, I am from the US and only get your shows via Audible. As much as I would love to say I can book a ticket to London with the money I can scramble from under the couch cushions, I unfortunately don't think this is a realistic goal. But, I will whole heartedly support a recorded version!

Seriously wishing I could go and sending my regards to Arthur Shappey,


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Barbara Conley said...

Ah, what would it take to get you to the U.S.? A venue? Plane tickets? A guest room with bunk beds?

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miranda said...

I whole-heartedly second what Barbara Conley et al said up there - any chance of a US visit at any point in the future, Mr Finnemore and/or Shappey? You (both) most certainly have a fan following over here and we would LOVELOVELOVE to see you! Let us know what we need to do to make it happen and we will mobilize!

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