Saturday, 5 December 2015

24 Doodles - 4

They haven't been all that doodle-y yet, have they? Here's a properly doodle-y one, from May, when I was working on Wysinnwyg in Dorset. It started off entirely abstract, but I think at the last minute the middle section sort of morphed into a picture of one of the characters...


Anonymous said...

That doodle is a thing of beauty. Had I the means or the talent, I would make it into a jewel and then sell it.

Tealin said...

Well, that's stylized! :)

Against all reason, it continues to surprise me that your scripts don't just spring fully-formed from the ether. It's cool to see the bits and pieces coming together on the page like this, but at the same time in retrospect it still feels like there's a certain inevitability to how they will end up. Do you ever feel as though some aspects write themselves, or is it all solid authorial graft?

Johnny E said...

Now that Double Acts are dropping off iPlayer, do you know if they'll be repeated/released any time soon?

@Tealin, I imagine it's one of those "takes a lot of effort to make it look this effortless" situations...

missionary said...

That looks a bit like a Guatemalan Quetzal... that's pretty awesome!! :-)

Unknown said...

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