Friday, 12 February 2016

You're just in time to miss the last episode!

So... the fifth series of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme has been going out!

Featuring this pile of idiots. 

That's... that's definitely the sort of thing I should have been posting about here. Oh dear. Well, the last one was broadcast yesterday, but that does mean that there is now a two day window - today and tomorrow - where all six episodes are simultaneously available on the BBC iPlayer.  On Sunday, the first one will drop off, then a week later the second, then... well, I'll leave you to work the rest of the system out for yourself. Anyway, sorry for being so rubbish at publicity, and hope you enjoy them.


Anonymous said...

BEST series ever! Very much enjoyed it!

Tealin said...

Only the best pile of idiots.

RMartin said...

Thanks for the reminder! I'm so glad the radio programmes are available here in the US!

Lexi said...

I've been enjoying each episode two or three times...

Jü said...

Please let this be the cover for the CD release!! It's about the only thing that could top this wholly brilliant series.

Lothiriel said...

Best pile of idiots ever! Also, I'm really looking forward to getting the CD I preordered ages ago. :)

Anonymous said...

To be fair, it's not too late - even without iplayer there is always Radio4Extra where everything gets repeated a week later, so still one left to go!

Anonymous said...

Sad I may be but did you know you can actually find out the age in each country, and world, when you are the median age - so Mr F has about 8 months to go in the UK - but nearly 10 years older than for the world as a whole....obviously if he was a woman things would be looking better...(it's on the CIA website if you want to check it out)

Kirsty said...

One of my favourite episodes this series. I do like the story of Mr Floofy-whiskers.

Claire said...

I enjoyed listening to the series. This weekend (with it being so frigid here) gave me the perfect excuse to stay indoors and listen to the sketches back-to-back. 😃

Anonymous said...

Pavlov and Pavolva will go down as one of the best sketches ever, alongside Dead Parrot, Four Candles etc

Philippa Sidle said...

Loved it as always, particularly enjoyed the deconstructed bits I have to say. :) Particularly the pretend-debate about whether to write sketches about funny Muslims.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Very good as ever, John, but I do have one question....when's the NEXT series ?! Thanks for all the laughs !!

Mountainebony said...

Last time I was here, the last thing on the page was Stairway to Heaven. Early December. Three month since an update. I thought you forgot us. Happy to see that you didn't. There is a lot that I missed. Would come back and look at the doodles at a more decent time. It's past midnight on a Monday and I have a job to go to and pretend to do during the days. Weird question but why can you sketch so well?

Just finished re-listening to episodes 2 and 3. I wish I could download them to play in the car. Do put the information up about where to buy JFSP seasons and episodes outside of UK.

Have a great year, John.

-John Finnemore geek (yup, definitely a bit weird about you, though in fairness I don't know loads and loads and loads about you you, just your work on radio, but I'd still claim the title)

Tabitha said...

Congratulations on getting a second series of Double Acts. I hope we get to hear it this year, but just knowing that it is in the works makes my heart leap like the poet Wordsworth on beholding a rainbow in the sky.

Philippa Sidle said...

Second series of Double Acts? Brilliant!!

Tim said...

I was able to catch five of six, can't wait to hear the other one I missed. I, however am very sad to say that I missed nearly all of the Double Acts, and hope that those are published through Audible.
In other news my favourite song was the Procrastination song. My favourite sketch was Soddom and Gomorah, and my favourite story was Deaduncle.
A funny thing that happened: My mom found a special about the fact that the Bachelor reality show has been on for twenty years. sister "So do you want to watch 20 years of the Bachelor?" Me "Well you can't do that all at once"

Horsa said...

I am looking forward to your forthcoming spontaneous holiday with Susan Calman!

Tim said...

I have now found and listened to all six double acts. They are all fantastic in their own way. I loved how you used Willard Bath for the four of them. Additionally, if we say pretty please and have buns for tea on top, will you write up "Farewell Tiger Facts" (get my joke) for the Double acts.

ContextSwitch said...

Easily the best comedy around at the moment and that includes both radio and television.

I think these shows need a health warning; something like "do not listen and operate heavy machinery": I listen in the car and nearly lost control when the last show went a bit meta when the cast complained about their lines and how it made them look, all of which were your lines because you'd written them. Very clever, very funny and the dialogue was delivered wonderfully by the actors.

Dr Bob said...

We loved the "Kirates" sketch. This is a true story. My wife and I stayed in a hotel near Penzance at the weekend. Quite a coincidence given the location but there was a guest staying there who had an eye patch and a hook. We commented on it briefly but didn't think about it until breakfast on Sunday when we were disappointed because there were no croissants left. Hook/ eyepatch guy was quite large and we thought perhaps he'd eaten them all...especially as there was a pile of pastry flakes under his table when he left.

Can you guess what my wife thought they were?

Pieces of eight.

It made us laugh, anyway

Anonymous said...

I spent a lot of money to go from Manchester to London to see your last show, and of course I had to stay overnight. In the cheapest room (in the attic of a 5 story guest house with no lift) but you were worth it all.

I recently bought a wonderful 5 x 8 foot rug coloured like a modern Russian easter egg, and everybody in my family hates it but me. I fancy it is the sort of cheerful rug that Arthur Shappey would love. I paste here a picture of it in hopes that you or somebody who likes your blog might also think it is delightful:
Oh dear, it doesn't paste.
Google "Datcha Rug purple" and you can see it in all its exuberant colour. I got the last one sold in the UK before they discontinued it. I don't know if this means it was so popular they all sold out and there aren't any more, --or that they were going to make this design for a long time but it took so long to sell the first batch that they said, "this is a loser, let's not make any more of these. . . ."

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