Saturday, 3 December 2016



Lothiriel said...

I love your drawings, thank you for making our December brighter!

(Also, happy birthday to your Dad, I think?)

Timothy said...

Hello John. I cannot see your drawings as I am blind, but I just stopped by to ask if you were writing anything new recently. The fifth series of Souvenir was great, but series 4 is still my favourite.

Tealin said...

OK, I really hope you've got a tablet or something, because no one has any right to do a drawing that good with just a mouse or trackpad ...

John Finnemore said...

Lotheriel - Thank you!

Timothy - happy to say series 6 starts on December 27th. And yes, series 4 is my favourite too. (I'm too close to series 6 to tell where it comes yet)

Tealin - Thank you! I suspect today's installment will clear the issue up for you...

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