Wednesday, 21 February 2018

New tour date!

Good news! I'm absolutely delighted to say that, in response to many people here and on Twitter quite rightly pointing out my tour was giving the North West an unreasonably wide berth, we've been able to add an extra date, and will also be coming to.... Preston!

We now go live to the people of Preston for their reaction:

Thank you, Preston.

Specifically, we're coming to the Preston Guild Hall, on the 21st May

Which means the full list of tour dates and ticket links is....

17th May - Brighton - Brighton Dome (Tickets go on sale on Friday)
18th May - High Wycombe - Wycombe Swan
20th May - Hastings - White Rock Theatre
21st May - Preston - Guild Hall 
22nd May - York - Grand Opera House
26th May - Cheltenham - Cheltenham Town Hall
30th May - Birmingham - New Alexandra Theatre
3rd June - Richmond - Richmond Theatre
6th June - Swindon - Wyvern Theatre
7th June - Leamington Spa - Royal Spa Centre
8th June - Tunbridge Wells - Assembly Hall Theatre
10th June - Dorking - Dorking Halls
13th June - Basingstoke - Basingstoke Anvil
15th June - Edinburgh - The Queen's Hall

Come and see us! And, if you have any suggestions for sketches or songs from Souvenir Programme you would particularly like to see on stage, do let me know in the comments. I'm trying to persuade Carrie we should do Elephant and Castle, so that every night she'll have to dress up as an elephant, put on a suit of armour, and slowly fall down a massive staircase. She seems unconvinced...


Lindsey said...

Power to the people!!! Get in! I'm going to see your face, Finnemore! I might want to poke it. Huzzah! See you in Preston x

Lindsey said...

And also, Yyyyyyeeeeesssssaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Simon Banham said...

Well, since you asked me when John Finnemore might like to make a flying visit and bring his amazing new show to a theatre somewhere in East Anglia.....;)

speakingofartistry said...

We have Leamington tickets and I'm very excited! I would really, really like to see more of the train conductor and his stroppy driver please :)

Anndra said...

I would absolutely love to see 'Squash game' at Richmond! If not, I will be hurt, emotionally. Here I am having a nice time with my friends and now I have been hurt in the emotions! WAAAAAH!

tuppence said...

Well hurrah for Preston.
Please consider the wilder west of Wales, or even Shrewsbury if you think the lovely Welsh are too scary.

Georgie said...

Oh, guys, give him a break. He can't possibly please everyone and will have had to consider locations and dates of existing shows along with what theatres will have had a space. The fact he and his team made an effort to try and get another date is enough to see that they obviously care deeply about their fans. If you weren't lucky enough this time, fingers crossed for the next! And I'm not just saying this because of how very very very close I live to Preston.... :-D

Richard W said...

As one of those Twitter commentators from the North West this makes me very happy, can't wait!

Anonymous said...

my vote would be for the goldfish and the messenger sketches

Nicole said...

Super excited to come to the show! :) (Well, I haven't bought my plane ticket yet, BUT when I get my income tax return, then I will be buying my plane ticket.)

As per your request, here's a list of some of my suggestions for sketches/songs, along with the series/episode that they come from:
Monsieur voltaire (01.02)
Jekyll and Hyde (01.03)
SYAM: Treasure Island (01.04)
Stoppable (02.01)
Patsy Straightwoman: slightly off ice cream van paintings (03.02)
Great-great-great-etc grandparents (03.03)
SYAM: mean streets, hard boiled dames (03.05)
Song: Belgium (04.02)
Tesco from the future (04.06)
Self-indulgent meta callout (05.06)
Butterfly detective (07.02)
Song: Gnu York, Gnu York (07.01)
Song: Terrible Leaving Do (of 2017) (07.06)
JFSP inside of JFSP (07.06)
SYAM: lonesome trails, high noons (07.04)
Song: Red Trousers (03.06)

Tom Hill said...

As it’s the week of our wedding (and I helped you out with an idea for cabin pressure that time...) could you do the cuckoo sketch at Preston please? It’s my Fiancé’s favourite.

Helen Jenkins said...

Preston!!!! Thank you!!

ThePinkLady said...

I've so many songs and sketches which are favourites that it's hard to choose. But a few would be:

Red Trousers song (though not sure how it will be received in Chelters)
Would an address by Roger Wattis be out of place?
Captain Dinosaur, obviously
Any shop sketch

Oh, anything you've ever written, really.

Anonymous said...

I was at school with a boy called Preston Rutt.

Anonymous said...

If you can be tempted to Preston, any chance of Cardiff?

Not A Geek said...

Well, since you ask me to give you some sketch requests...
Captain Dinosaur
Zoo songs
Emmeline and Albert
Ding ding! Good morning!
Procrastination song
Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

If you can't sell the Elephant and Castle sketch to Carrie, how about the Bouncy Castle one. With full staging please.

Andy said...

Pretty much anything you have ever written but I do particularly like:
Ghost Story: Treasure Island (Maybe you could get Carrie to dress up as a croco-pie)
Ghost Story: Cursed Piano
King Herod's strategy

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Really excited about this:

Please could you do:

Red trousers song
Captain Dinosaur
Zoo songs

Thanks so much!

Paul Rimmer said...

I think you'll find the North West is up near Ullapool. Disappointing that you are only having one small gig in Scotland and that was virtually sold out when I heard about it.

Anonymous said...

She'll becoming round the mountain sketch brought me to hysterics and took me back to my childhood.... would have loved to have seen that or any of your sketches (they are all BRILLIANT - quoting a young Arthur Shappey!) if a stop was made in East Anglia. Next time

Bev Maydon said...

Yes, definitely round the mountain! And the one where Pooh is confronted by this concerned friends. And the Teddy Bears Picnic.

I would give ANYTHING to have seen one of the Cabin Pressures being recorded! It's where I'd go back to if I had a time machine. If you'd have thought to video it, you'd have made a fortune!

Courtney said...

Please for the Edinburgh show:

The Zookeepers' Song followed by Gnu York, Gnu York
Captain Dinosaur
Put It on a Plate
Pooh's Intervention

Coming all of the way from the middle of the US to see this show and I absolutely cannot wait!

Thank you for all of the joy, Mr. Finnemore!

Charlotte said...

I live nowhere near Dorking, but have booked tickets anyway! So excited - could you please do the Hellhound song? I think that's a great costume opportunity.... :)

Jon McLelland said...

While I am very happy for the good people of Preston and the greater Northwest, I must point out that you continue to completely ignore the Southeast. No, not that Southeast. The one where I live. Before someone puts in a plug for another possible venue, I’d like to propose your adding a stop in Tuscaloosa. (And there is only one; you can look it up.) I know it’s a bit off the track of the rest of your tour, but we do have an airport that, while no longer on commercial routes (thanks again, Deregulation), is still used for charters, and could easily accommodate Gertie. Also, “Tuscaloosa” looks really good on a tour tee-shirt. Respectfully submitted,

R.L. China said...

All these requests for Red Trousers reminds me: I’ve never been able to make out the coda, or whatever it’s called, where you all take a deep breath, can you post lyrics?

TheOldfields said...

Not a sketch but I just really really really want to know.... was Douz really linked to The Italian Job? 'Get your skates on', 'Go, go, go' and 'The self preservation society'. Did I miss any?

If either here or maybe Arthur could mention it during The Cheltenham Job then that would be absolutely... erm...fantastic.

Rich said...

I'm very much looking forward to this! For Edinburgh, can I request Pooh's Intervention and the Archers Accidentally?

Anonymous said...

Sad face ... :( I can't get to any of your shows.

There's a lovely little theatre in Taunton (the Brewhouse) with no shows on the 4th, 11th and 12th of June ...

just imagine: rrrring, rrring .... hello, the Brewhouse, how may I help you? ...... why of course Mr Finnemore, we'd be delighted. See you then.

Nicole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Harrison said...

Hi John

I would love to see/hear:
Gnu York
(Since you asked me .. Season 2 ep 3): Ghost Story (Eagling)
Who makes the sound of the TARDIS?
Rusty has a trip to the vets
The Goldfish/Neptune sketch

Paul Rimmer said...

My mistake. Just checked the Queens Hall again and to my delight found that there are seats available in the Centre Gallery. Now booked and looking forward to a great evening.

Claire Pugh said...

I wish there was a south Wales date, we could put you up for the night! Failing that I shall second the suggestion of Taunton as it's near my parents house.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I thought I'd just posted a joke about Colston Hall, Bristol, well, about cycling past it anyway, but it doesn't matter - you won't be here anyway.

jane said...

while walking past lots of churches in Brighton, my 5 year old daughter asked 'if jesus had died on a mattress would they put mattresses on top of the churches'

Amanda Fraser said...

Anything that you want to show us is more than fine with me. If there's any possibility that tiger with a gun (series 1) can make it to Edinburgh, that would be lovely.

I'm just happy that you'll be in Scotland and that I got tickets.

Courtney Leigh said...

Oh, I can't believe I forgot! CatNav!

Anonymous said...

Captain dinosaur is my ring tone! Definitely agree a live performance would be amazing, I like to sing it every week or so to make sure it gets stuck in my husbands head for days!

James Powell said...

Favourite sketches include:

Lucy's Complex Dilemma
The Emperor's New Clothes (that would be fun live!)
Multi-Faith Conference
Going to St Ives
The Insomnia Song
The Procrastination Song

And so many of the Since You Ask Mes. If I had to pick just one, it would probably be either Dr Krupenstein or The Circus. Or the Musical, of course!

Anonymous said...

I'm coming over from Dublin especially to see your lovely face in Brighton so the least you can do is acknowledge the effort I'm making by having one or all of the following in your show:
King Herod's Strategy.
Put it on a Plate
Red Trousers.
If I could only choose one it would be Red Trousers.
Great! That's that sorted then.


Dave MacRae said...

I'd love you to do the Red Trousers song if for no other reason than to show my SO why I shouldn't get a pair!

Oh, and if you could re-create your Mornington Crescent triumph I'd be a very happy bunny.


AMills said...

And what about the South, do you not owe Poole a little visit too!

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DC Rookie said...

SYAMF - Deal with the Devil
Three Guards Logic Puzzle
All of the Archers sketches

Claire said...

Break a metaphorical leg, John! Sorry I won’t be able to see it this time, but I am sure you and the rest of the cast will do a great job at each performance and have people rolling in the aisles with laughter. :)

Anonymous said...

Come to Cambridge!

Anonymous said...

Or somewhere in east of England

Matt said...

On behalf of a very excited 11yo Alice, I'd like to request Captain Dinosaur for the Brighton gig, if you fancy it.
Looking forward to it!

Jimmy loof said...

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Phil D said...

Kids very excited to be coming to see you. They were very jealous of the parents going to see a recording where Under 16s weren't allowed. Favourite sketches (particularly the kids') include:

Song - Captain Dinosaur
The Goldfish and King Neptune
Stoppable- The Tram Story
Afternoon Drama - Lucy's Complex Dilemma
Goats and Daffodils
World Championships of Snap
Since You Ask Me - Mysterious Trapdoor
Pavlov's Dogs
Phone Number (0-7-7-3482293.....5)

See you in Wycombe!

Anonymous said...

Since you ask me- the musical. Series 6, episode 6. Edinburgh. Please.

Anonymous said...

The Goldfish and king Neptune
(I use it in an introduction to coding lesson with music students - works everytime)

John Gass said...

If you do Red Trousers, and I think you should!, how about an accompanying bit of contemporary dance? The troupe I'd recommend is Corps du Roy.

Sue Forrest said...

Sorry if I'm a bit late to the party!
Looking forward to seeing you in Brighton.

Favourites include

Train driver to train manager
Teddy bears picnic
Don't shoot the messenger ( out of sync)
Russian revolution by email
Heroes strategy
Animal design crisis
Desensitised crows
History of choice
SYAM Walpurgisnacht

For Arthur - learning the phonetic alphabet.

Anonymous said...

So much yes for `The doorbell shop` !

nsooty said...

Brilliant evening in Preston - would have loved the 'Help I've been mis-sold PPI' shout out - that was so clever

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Indecisive Annie said...

Yes - please come to East Anglia and where can we listen to more episodes of Double Acts? We just found them in iPlayer and have listened to them with the kids on holiday. Very funny and clever!

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