Saturday, 17 March 2018

Entente Cordiale

Today, it is my job to take a brass tin of sweets to a group of crossword setters in Paris. Just as my careers advisor predicted. He was very good at his job.

Here is a small and silly puzzle I made for the occasion, presented in the form of a square of chocolate, a tube of Love Hearts, and three M&Ms. The solution is in the first comment.


John Finnemore said...


(Stop reading if you fancy having a go at it when I put it up in a few days.)

The first names are all those of British or American people whose surname has a meaning in French. The words on the three sweets are the English translations of those words.

Samuel Morse - Walrus
Lionel Blair - Conk
Cleo Laine - Wool
Derek Jeter - Throw
Hugh Bonneville - Good Town

The colours of the sweets tell you where to insert the names in the tricolour grid, and the circled letters then spell out ‘Martin’. This should lead you to another Briton called Martin whose surname has a meaning in French, and whose name and translation fit the pattern of the dashes:

Martin Amis - Friends.

Hence, Entente Cordiale.

Hope you enjoyed it!

John (Emu)

Tealin said...

You lead a bafflingly fascinating life. Of the blog entries that might start with delivering a tin of sweets to French puzzle masters, few would proceed to get more interesting from there. And yet here we are.

Completely unrelated, but you haven't passed through Viborg on a cycle tour of continental M.R. James story locations, have you?

R.L. China said...

The mind that conjures a cryptic is indeed a strange and wonderful thing. However, I may be American originally, but I’ve lived in Oz for 22 years now and speak fluent Australian. And I’m fairly certain ‘emu’ does translate as ‘John.’ :-)

slepkane said...

Don't underestimate the joy to be had from not understanding any of this. I cannot stop laughing. Huge thanks.

SylviaHolly said...

Lionel Conk--is that a conk upside the head, or some other kind of conk?

Off-topic: considering your tradition of wikipedia trains of thought when you should be writing, maybe you'll appreciate that the discovery of your blog pushed the writing of a midterm paper back about four hours. The night before it's due. Will I regret it, though? That remains to be seen, but I assume not.

Anonymous said...

If you'd like to plug 'Time Spanner' a bit more, it's back in the BBC iPlayer for another 29 days ...well worth a listen and requires one mouse-click less to reach than Series 3 Episode 1 of Souvenir Programme, which I have spelt correctly despite what the spell checker for this website says (oh, and now it claims 'spelt' is incorrect ...I'll stop typing now

XYZ said...

Dear Mr Finnemore,

I might have written to you previously after I found out my friend was teaching your friend improv, or something like that (it was way after Bleak Expectations and hard to explain even to the most enlightened in America)

This note should just say how attractive you are as a dude who was president of the Footlights and how much I suck not getting a title at at an Ivy League's comedy program, except that it doesn't matter one dick that i wasn't president.

If this is actually an issue I'll get my email passed out out


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Anonymous said...

Ever thought of taking part in, or setting clues for, Round Britain Quiz? I feel you would fit in....

R.L. China said...

Now that I’ve twigged ‘Emu’ is your setter name (or whatever they’re called), can you reveal the reason without violating the rules of setter secret-liness?

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