Friday, 3 May 2019

Flying Visit Flies Again!

Pavlov's dogs have been notified, and are in training. 

Hello! Remember last year, when I and my fellow idiots from Souvenir Programme went on tour? Well, we had a lovely time and we miss it... so we're doing more dates this autumn!

It's the same show - well, nearly - as last time, hence the same title and poster... but all new venues.

And what are those venues, and also the dates, and do you have ticket links by any chance? Well, I've very glad I pretended you asked me that, because I have all those things, and here they are!

Sat 7 September   Tyne Theatre & Opera House, Newcastle
Sun 8 September   City Varieties Music Hall, Leeds
Mon 9 September   Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
Thurs 12 September  Parr Hall, Warrington
Fri 13 September   The Lowry, Salford Quays
Sun 15 September   Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple
Mon 16 September   The Lighthouse, Poole
Fri 20 September   The Forum, Malvern
Mon 23 September   Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury
Thurs 26 September   Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
Sat 28 September   Charter Hall, Colchester
Thurs 3 October   Marina Theatre, Lowestoft
Sun 6 October           Tivoli Theatre, Aberdeen
Tues 8 October   Palace Theatre, Westcliff-On-Sea
Thurs 10 October   Beck Theatre, Hayes
Fri 11 October           G Live, Guildford
Mon 14 October   The Lyceum Theatre, Crewe
Tues 15 October   Playhouse, Whitley Bay
Weds 16 October   Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate
Sun 20 October   The Hexagon, Reading
Tues 29 October   Leas Cliff Hall, Folkstone
Sun 3 November   The Grand Hall at Scarborough Spa, Scarborough
Mon 4 November   The Octagon, Sheffield

Cor. That'll keep us busy. So, if you'll be in any of those places then, or if you could be with a bit of organisation, come along! There will be red trousers, forgetful goldfish, kirates, brand new stuff... and an exclusive Patsy Straightwoman interview with Arthur Shappey. Hooray!


Unknown said...

Just to check - the link for the Swansea show has it down as Thursday the 26th September, not Wednesday 25th. Just want to check so that I book the right day off work. So glad you're coming to my hometown!

John Finnemore said...

Oh dear! Sorry about that, thanks for letting me know. Yes, Thursday the 26th is right!

Dom said...

Hello - my 10-year-old daughter is a big fan of Souvenir Programme and has heard all of them (repeatedly) on Audible (as am I/have I...). Would Flying Visit be suitable for a 10-year-old?

John Finnemore said...

Hi Dom. Yes, should be fine for ten year olds! I think the rudest we get is when Lawry describes the mating process of an angler fish. So if she can take that in her stride, she'll be fine!

Unknown said...

Hi John, I am not seeing any dates for the USA, 2020 perhaps? If David Sedaris can make it on the BBC I am sure you could make it on NPR.

Dom said...

Thanks for your swift reply.
Tickets booked - Becky will be delighted.
See you in Colchester!

Tealin said...

Gosh you're just pinging all around the country there!

Marla said...

Yes, please USA dates...please, please, please!

Arthnold McCat McCatPherson said...

I'm surprisingly concerned that the mating process of the Angler Fish is included, including the fact that that usually includes anti-Monarchy slogans. Can you reassure us that these won't be part of the performance, nor, perhaps, the rehearsals?

Anonymous said...

Come to Northamptonshire! No-one ever comes to Northamptonshire! (Bedford is also very nice and less than an hour away from where I live...)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming to the midlands and north this time!

Helen in Mustardland said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks John. Big hugs. Bringing the whole family.
See you in October.

Anonymous said...

USA!!?? There's not even a Northern Ireland venue, what's wrong with us?? Even David Sedaris managed to cross the Irish Sea (albeit to Dublin). Why are you not coming here??

Anonymous said...

I'd love to bring my 9 and 11 year old to this - both massive cabin pressure fans - but venue info for the Sheffield show suggests they wouldn't be allowed in. Can anyone confirm one easy or the other whether kids are welcome at this performance? Thanks in advance.

John Finnemore said...

Anon 1 - Ah, but there's only one of David Sedaris. There's five of us, plus three crew, and a van full of props and costumes. We did look into coming to Ireland - and Jersey, and the Isle of Man - but I'm afraid we can't do it without making a loss. Sorry!

Anon 2 - Kids are definitely welcome from our point of view, and I reckon we've had younger than 9yo in. Of course, I can't speak for the Sheffield venue, but I can't see why they'd object if we don't. It says 'kids welcome' in our blurb, after all.

Anonymous said...

For those aggrieved that Flying Visit will not be coming to their home town, I offer this consolation; a certain Programme is back on Radio 4 at 6:30, 22nd May, according to the online schedule

Helen in Mustardland said...

The kid with the lemon on his hat in Dorking wasn't much more than 9. And I'm bringing an 8 year-old to Aylesbury. I'll let you know how that goes.

bek yip said...

We've booked for sheffield bringing a 13 year old and a 15 year old. I didn't see an age limit for sheffield. Last year at York was one of the best days of their year (it was their best day until they saw real life pandas)

SomewhereInBetween said...

Ooh - you're coming to the City Varieties! We've travelled to see you in that lovely theatre near King's Cross, that tiny place under the library in Kensington and the 'opera house' in York and finally (finally!), Mr Finnemore, you are making more effort than us. Mr L, the girls and I are looking forward to the very short journey - and the show - and two of us are even quite near the front. (Tickets selling well in Leeds!)

Nick Jones said...
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Rosie KS said...

John!! I am graduating from Uni tomorrow (in Hawaii) and then traveling the world and by gods jolly goodness my best friend and I are going to make it to one of these shows because we adore you, everything you've done from Cabin Pressure to Souvenir Program to random podcasts you've gone on! Just so you know, we will be there and you will recognize us I'm sure because there will be just a hint of crazy in our eyes which you will later describe to the police in detail when questioned about the 'kidnapping incident.' See you soon!

Laurel Johnson said...

A small point to make: The Heist was a beautiful stroke of exemplary storytelling, but your genius does not really lie therein. Your observational powers are what always get me - from you and Simon searching for/singing about the meaning of life (always squeezes my heart, that song), to the ultimate insight (Be Kind, Have Fun), and everything in between. Look forward to much much more! Have fun on the tour, I know you will all be kind ;-)

kerstindoe said...

Aww no London dates? I will have to try and catch you next time or when you do Souvenir Programme #10. Btw my favourite sketch has always been the escalating answer phone messages that ends with a break in. Oh, and crossing the Atlantic with horses. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you're going to come to Colchester and on your birthday, too! Go to Middleton's for your celebrations, it's got some of the best food on town.

Anonymous said...

When are you coming to Ireland (Dublin specifically)? Ireland needs quality comedy please!

Unknown said...

What happened to London?

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Unknown said...

I got tickets for this for my birthday... Easily my favourite present! Can't wait to come and see the show :)