Friday, 31 January 2020

My own trumpet

 A lovely thing happened to me this month. The Writer's Guild of Great Britain gave me their Outstanding Contribution to Writing Award.

I find I can't write much about it without dissolving into a puddle of tiresome self-deprecation - I've already had to delete six or seven variations on 'for reasons known only to themselves' from the sentence above. But I will try to hold that off for long enough to say how sincerely honoured and grateful I am to the Guild, and to my dear friend David Tyler; who presented the award, and from whose lovely speech about me I have still not quite recovered. 

Here we both are, looking chuffed. (Just after this photo was taken, David took off his jacket and tie, and instantly became a floating head.)

Photo by Dave Bennett @davebennett


Lothiriel said...

I've been watching too much Horrible Histories of late, because all I want to write is 'congratu-very-lations your Majesty', except last time I checked, you're not King George IV - although in all fairness, you did write quite a few sketches where your character was extremely keen on reminding everyone he was in fact 'the bloody King'.

Still, well done and absolutely well deserved, I promise. I'd say keep up the good work, but that sounds entirely superfluous - better say 'thank you', I'll wager, so that's what I'm going for.

(Nice little trophy, by the way. And I do hope David's floating head is faring well, too.)

2d said...

Well done, more please.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your work is always so well constructed. And it always makes me feel better about life, the universe, and everything!

riflet said...

Fully deserved. May you have many more and even better, if such is possible.

Tealin said...

Given your self-deprecating nature, I'm surprised (but pleased!) to see you post about this at all. It is thoroughly well deserved, and early enough in your career to leave room for a few more, as I'm sure you'll have racked up a few more Outstanding Achievements in short order.

Also – I happily caught your name on the credits of David Cooperfield! Big thumbs up!

Rachel said...

So delighted for you, to see you receive this recognition for all of the joy you have provided over the years. Here's to many more such awards!

Eclectic Man said...

Congratulations, and well done!

BTW, I saw 'The Personal History of David Copperfield' on Thursday, very good film, and you have a credit at the end too, you kept that quiet

(I do recommend seeing the film, if only for Dev Patel's superb performance reading at the lectern near the end, very moving, although all the performances are excellent, that was the bit that got me.)

All the best and a Happy New Year to John and all.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations 👏 Very well deserved. Your work makes a lot of people very happy and we can all do with more of that these days. Looking forward to the 5th of Feb 😀 🎶 .


Angie Fiedler Sutton said...

Brilliant and congrats. Your work is a continual bright spot in my life, and my go-to whenever I need a pick-me-up.

SylviaHolly said...

Congratulations, that's wonderful! :D

Laura said...

If you find it difficult to revel in your own success, we will cheerfully do it for you! Congrats, Finnemore, and well deserved. Looking forward to whatever of yours comes out next

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Jellywoman said...

Very well deserved! You are a wonderful playwright. I see you as akin the Stoppard or Bennett of your generation - and not just when tackling Pooh's honey abuse. Only time before we'll be queuing at the National for your latest. I also got ridiculously excited at seeing your name on the DC credits and have been wondering what you did. Lent AI a pen? Well done again, anyway.

Timothy said...

I read about it on your twitter. I like your skit work a lot and cannot stop thinking about Cabin Pressure, I hope you have another long form comedy drama at some point soon. Is there any way that you have a link to the speech David Tyler gave for you?

Deborah Latham said...

I hate to contradict someone who I hold in such high esteem, John, but you're quite wrong - the reasons are not known only to the Writer's Guild; they're pretty flippin' obvious to us punters, as well! I only hope that you come to the conclusion that (X) thousands of us can't be wrong and that you MUST be good at what you do, and therefore BELIEVE us when we tell you so! Every possible success for the future, Maestro.

Rachel said...

I have a link for this, if John doesn't mind.
Chortle published it here:

SylviaHolly said...

Thank you! :D

Pipit said...

Hi, John. I know this is unrelated and MUCH later than this post, but I HAD to share a local news story with you about an otter attack.
You see, otters ARE vicious! They very well might have attacked St. Mary! How right Douglas was, as usual.

The Spotted Horse Owl said...

I was listening to one of your shows today and was thinking about your writing — it is so very good! You absolutely deserve an award! (Or perhaps a little trophy — you could pick one up the next time you have some keys made!) Congratulations! 😊