Wednesday, 31 August 2005

...or Lobster Thermidor a Crevette with a mornay sauce

For some reason, something about my last post triggered a deluge of responses, most of which I believed to be the handiwork of a certain internet funster, but which I am now almost ('almost', you hear me, James?) persuaded were genuine examples of the spammer's art. I've deleted a dozen or so, and just left my favourite three, to give you a flavour. There's the guy who has posted in order to let me know that Army Chief of Staff Stramento Degrillo is the owner of Cricket Communication, a claim I can't help thinking is open to doubt. Then there's an extremely breezy message from this chap: 'I have a Changing Your Life site/blog. It pretty much covers changing your life related stuff.' Oh good. Nice to have that pretty much covered. I shall bookmark it immediately.

But my favourite is this, from an old and dear friend of mine who shyly posts as 'anonymous', but signs himself affectionately 'Jack'. Here's what Jack has to say, in full.

Wow ! Talk about Spam. I'm almost afraid to leave a post. I saw your site when I was looking for ideas for mine which is, Digital Cameras , and it naturally covers topics like "megapixel digital camera bundle" . I hope it's not too confusing. Take a look if you get time ---Jack---

You're right, Jack, there is a lot of Spam today, isn't there? For instance, the one posted three minutes before your message about bridal showers, or the one three minutes later with the old coins site which pretty much covered all old coins related stuff. Talk about Spam, indeed. I'll tell you the truth, Jack, for a moment I almost didn't spot your warm, friendly non-spam message nestling between them! But thank heavens you were only 'almost' afraid to leave a post. Because if you hadn't managed to conquer your very natural timidity, I'd never have found out about your Digital Camera site, and you know- as only an old friend of mine could- how concerned I've been lately about topics like "megapixel digital camera bundle". Actually, Jack, as one chum to another, I'm not certain that is a topic, so much as a bunch of four vaguely related google-search type words, but it still sounds fascinating. I'll take a look if I get time, and I'll try not to be too confused. But you know what I'm like, Jack! I pretty much cover all the confusion related stuff. Anyway, keep in touch. Love and kisses, ----John---