Thursday, 22 June 2006

Lesson Six: How to punch a stream.

Oh dear. A month seems to have gone by. It would seem I am a bit of a slacker. Let's see if I can pull myself together and do this a bit more regularly, shall we?

I saw two signs yesterday that made me worry about Men. As a breed. The first was in the window of Topshop, and announced that all or some of the money raised by something or other (meticulous research- that's the secret of good writing) would go to funding research into male cancer. Male cancer? Prostate cancer, I've heard of. Testicular cancer also. Doubtless there are other male-only cancers I haven't heard of - cancer of the beard, perhaps. Cancer of the bald-spot. Cancer of the Black and Decker Workmate. But what on earth is male cancer? Cancer of the man?

The second sign was in the gym, and it advertised a new class, under the cheery banner 'Sorry Ladies - Men Only'. And that class was... Aqua Combat. Yes. That's right, ladies, when the water comes to get us - and it will- you delightful creatures can just stand on a table and scream. We men will fight it back for you. With our deadly aqua combat skills.


Unknown said...

when the water comes to get us - and it will

That made me laugh a lot. :-D