Sunday, 3 September 2006

And now on Forget What Did, a choice of listening.

For people who are fans of hearing people whose weblogs they occasionally read guesting on Radio 4 sketch shows, there's this:

(I pop up throughout, but my main bit's at 16.20)

For everyone else, there's this:

(Make sure you watch till the end, with the sound on.)


The sorry Frog to be not living in England said...

John I couldn't listen to any of them both because you know I'm 6 years late and every link is niw dead, what a pity...

By the way, how could I listen to - or see - your great creations ? I just know CP which I could recently hear on BBC but what about the other things ?

And by the way nr. 2, could I ever get the script of CP episodes ? My unfluent English doesn't allow me to understand everything and that's very sad...

Final by the way nr. 3, could I see you in flesh when I come to London next July ? Have you planned any performances from 27th to 29th to concurrence the Olympics ?