Saturday, 9 September 2006

Other poodle crossbreeds I'd like to see, following the success of the Labradoodle.

  • The Weimaroodle.
  • The Rottwoodle.
  • The Shih Tzoohdle.
  • The Great Doodle.
  • The Chihoodlehoodle.
And, most of all:
  • The King Choodle's Spoodle.


The bouncing Frog said...

I might be wrong (with the intonation of Douglas) but poodles are very small dogs, aren't they ? In the opposite of other breeds you mention. The crucial moment of the er... crossbreeding work must be quite... acrobatic, don't you think so ?

So here is my question : do you plan to bring these poor animals some concrete help to their er... meeting ?
I mean you have to provide them with at least a bench, a ladder, a trampoline or stilts !
(and please don't forget to film it)
(too bad that I can't draw, I'd have imagined lots of funny scenes...)