Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Must try harder.

Well, this hasn't been a vintage month for my blog, has it? Sorry about that. I've had a big old project to complete, which meant long days spent doing lots of writing, which meant not very many interesting things to write about here, and a disinclination to write any more away. A pretty fatal combination, as it turned out. Anyway, I'm off away for a week now, back next Tuesday, when normal service will, I hope, be resumed.


Michael Staniforth said...

Hi! My name be Michael Staniforth and I done be a rentaghost. I died in 1987 but I still be ghosting todays!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. So convinced were we by this post, that in years to come historians, baffled by how you could not have delivered on so firm a promise, will assume you died.

Authorship debates will ensue as people try to work out who was the 'john finnemore' writing plays, sketches and TV for another forty/fifty years after the real finnemore's death. All will be solved when they find a note among the papers of a theatre critic who all had assumed had abandoned his creative ambitions. The note reads 'I was John Finnemore'.

I am just writing it now.