Thursday, 31 May 2007

So, that was May then...

Ok, let's face it, this blog is increasingly looking like it’s on its last legs. It's bravely struggling on, bless it, but it's blind in one eye, and has lost most of its teeth, and keeps bumping into walls. And I’m probably going away in July and August, so this is kill or cure time. Here’s a plan. I’m going to try and post something – however short, ill-thought-out, or asinine – every weekday in June. If I can manage this, it might be worth carrying on with it when I get back from my trip; if not, I’ll do the decent thing and take it on that final one-way trip to the vet's....

Let’s find out which.


Anonymous said...

For God's sake sir: think of your legacy! Honour! Valour!
And...err, how much time blogging will snip into your holiday. Could go for quality not quantity, what say you?

David Varela said...

Well, it's fair enough - I haven't even glanced at your blog for months, so perhaps you've simply gauged precisely what your audience wants.

I'm now greedy for Finnemore, so daily updates in June should be just the thing.

Joe said...

Every weekday in June?
This is very exciting.

Unknown said...

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