Thursday, 22 May 2008

He could have gone to the trouble of finding out her first name, though.

There is a bench near where I live which now bears the following inscription, half in black leading, half in blue felt tip. See if you can guess where the break occurs.

'In memory of John Randall-Gieves 1921 - 1995 - 2008 Frank Lampard's Mum.'

Despite the slightly unsettling Dr Who style regeneration picture it conjures up of the curious events of 1995, I find this oddly touching. I like the idea of these two people, Mr Randall-Gieves and Mrs Lampard, who are very unlikely ever to have met, finding themselves roughly yoked together by two other people's desire to commemorate them. After all, that's what you do with park benches - you share them with strangers.


Anonymous said...

A very touching story indeed ... with a poignant pay-off (camera pulls off plaque, jibs upwards to the London skyline draped in the setting sun, 5 second still, FTB, credits roll, house lights come up, audience leaves ...).

John Randall-Gieves and Mrs Lampard. Who would have thought.

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