Thursday, 31 July 2008

Things I have said to hills today. Out loud.

  • Oh no, no. No.
  • God, no.
  • You bastard!
  • Piss off
  • I don't believe you. (To a hill that was pretending it was just a long gentle slope down now.)
  • What in ****ing **** is the point of you? (To three hills, all visible at once, which left a road at the same height at which it began)
  • Oh, yes, you're flat now. (To a hill that stopped being a hill at the point where I turned off it)
  • Just stop it.


Anonymous said...

Me have spoken to Hills as well. Bernard and Paul being two of (both Paul married to Courtney Kennedy and Paul Jennings) and David being another of. Me have said similar fings to 'em like you did. Specially Jennings just before he got the injector.

Anonymous said...

Topographical insults seem to be 'à la mode' ... I have recently started hurling abuse, as blue as you like, at inanimate French scenery. Just when it thinks it has the better of me, I spin round and give it a second helping in perfect French.

Confuses the hell out of anything approaching a slope.

Niel Bushnell said...

I have nothing hill-related to add, but I have been enjoying Cabin Pressure on R4 this last six weeks. Well done, may a ray of second-series sunshine warm your grinning face.