Monday, 18 August 2008

Adding a welcome touch of drama to asking for profiteroles.

Now, before anyone starts, I know that what I'm about to say is purely a reflection of the English language, not the French; that it only strikes me this way because we chose to use the words we ripped off from Germanic languages for everyday, and the words we ripped off from Romance languages for Sunday best. I know that. But it doesn't stop me enjoying the fact that the French are never just sorry, but desolated; that things don't just bother them, they derange them; that while English speakers are merely advised in fire warnings to keep calm, the French are told to guard their sang-froid; and, my favourite new one from this trip, that they are not asked in a note on a restaurant menu to order their pudding at the start of their meal, but to demand their dessert at the debut of their repast.


Stu said...

Hmmmm ... is this directed at anyone in particular whom you think might pick you up on technicalities?

Anonymous said...

Is Freanch really that dramatic? Hm, I wish I spoke French so I could find out. I learnt German (badly) at school.

The indignant Frog said...

rhooo ! you bad boy, John ! you are making fun of French again !!!