Friday, 6 February 2009

I decided it was 'doubtful' that Magnus Magnusson carried a weapon. Because who can say for sure?

 Here at Procrastination Central, I have just spent ten happy minutes playing with this, an A.I. version of Animal Mineral or Vegetable. I started off with the straight forward version - 'Truth' was fun, I might tell you about it later - then I moved on to the version where you play as a famous person. It beat me easily when I was Phil Silvers, and with difficulty when I was Oliver Cromwell (though that was because apparently other players, when asked if Cromwell is retired, have responded 'Probably'; and when asked whether he was a Catholic have responded... 'Yes'. It's my guess those players were not Irish.) Then I beat it by posing as Magnus Magnusson, whom it rather surprisingly identified as Yitzhak Rabin. Which is what gave me the idea of playing as myself, and seeing which famous person it confused me with. Here's what happened. 

1) Are you under 40 years old? Yes.
2) Do you wear makeup? No. 
3) Have you ever been married? No.
4) Are you in movies? No.
5) Have you had a Top 40 hit in the last 10 years? No
6) Were you ever part of a duo? Yes
7) Do you play an outdoor sport? No.
8) Are you an actor? Sometimes.
9) Are you British? Yes.
10) Are you a comedian? Yes
11) Do you perform live? Sometimes.
12) Do you have blond hair? No.
13) Are you a TV show host? No.
14) Are you multi-talented? No.
15) Are you skinny? No.
16) Are you involved with music? No.
17) Did you die your hair? No.
18) I am guessing you are David Mitchell. 

Well, I'm not. I'm less 4, less 14, and increasingly less 15 than him. But what does make that a bit odd is that today happens to be the day of the launch of this series: , featuring David Mitchell, and written by him and some other bloke. 


Robert Hudson said...

I played as David Mitchell (novelist) - I beat it. I played as David Mitchell (actor) - it took 26 questions to nail me down.

John Finnemore said...

Have you tried playing as Robert Hudson?

simon kane said...

Very nicely adulterated, John. "I'm not dating the mouse." Hoo hoo!
Who the hell is Jon Wodham?

Robert Hudson said...

Yes. It didn't get me, you will be unsurprised to learn. Having asked thirty questions, here is the list of next-best-guesses (having already tried Chris Moyles, Scott Mills, Karl Pilkington and Amir Khan:

Derren Brown
Jane Austen
Jimmy Carr
Coleen McLoughlin
Lady Sovereign (Louise Amanda Harman)
Eddie Izzard
Anastasia Romanova
Joan of Arc
Jim Norton
Simon Amstell
David Mitchell (actor)
Lewis Hamilton
Matt Morgan (comedian)
Anne Frank
Russell Peters
Noel Fielding

Apart from the protean David Mitchell, the thing I really love is that opening quartet, who could barely cover more bases.

Marie said...

It thinks I'm Kate Middleton. This is the best game EVER.

Marie said...

I played it again. It still thinks I am Kate Middleton. Basically, I am Kate Middleton. Maybe if I had answered "yes" for the question "are you a sexy symbol..." I mean, you boys would tell me, right?

Marie said...

That should read sex symbol. Obviously, I am not a sexy symbol, eg ampersand.

Stu said...

Richard Dawkins
Simon Cowell
Gordon Ramsay
Rupert Grint
Boris Johnson

... at which point I gave up.

Seems fair. It did.

jon taylor said...

It thinks I'm Stephen Merchant.

James Aylett said...

Strangely, it thought that I was David Mitchell as well, even though I'm pretty sure most of the answers I gave are wrong for him.

Perhaps 20Q just *really likes* him?

I had more fun playing the classic 20 questions game, with the "object" in question being David Mitchell. After a first guess of a rock band, it came up with a number of guesses for his profession that were more believable: writer, actor and… clown.

Ross Bennett said...

I tried playing as myself. It figures I am David Berkowitz. I think that bothers me.

Carrie Quinlan said...

I'm very late to this party, but delighted that when it discovered I was not Kate Middleton it decided, without any further questions, that I must be Tracey Emin.

Carrie Quinlan said...

Ooh, I just did it again and it thought I was Chris Addison. Which is a lot closer than I thought it would ever get.
I'm going to stop now.

hakan altan said...

Blaze movie watch.

Alice said...

I just beat it as a cornet (the brass band instrument). It got me the first time as a tea mug though! Reading your blog and playing silly games is way more fun than writing scripts for my drama students. Thanks for introducing me to this excellent game! I'm going to try playing as God next!

Rachel said...

It gets you now, I played as you just now, and you were its first guess :')

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you will see this being all years away and stuff, but here it goes. The only one it disagreed with me on was 11. But I would say Miranda is a hit show? yes? no?

Q20. I am guessing that it is John Finnemore?
Right, Wrong, Close
19. Did you dye your hair? No.
18. Were you famous before you were 20? No.
17. Are you a game show host? No.
16. Are you a comedian? Yes.
15. Do you play an outdoor sport? No.
14. Are you very popular in Europe? Yes.
13. Are you tall? Probably.
12. Do you use a ball? Irrelevant.
11. Are you on a hit TV show? Sometimes.
10. Have you performed live since 2000? Yes.
9. Do you have blond hair? No.
8. Were you born before 1975? No.
7. Do you perform Rock music? No.
6. Have you won an MTV Europe Music Award? No.
5. Are you under 40 years old? Yes.
4. Do you have children? No.
3. Are you a lead singer? No.
2. Are you British? Yes.
1. Did you star in a blockbuster movie? No.

Anonymous said...

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