Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Pairs of people I always confuse with one another, just on the strength of their vaguely similar names.

  • Laura Linney - Lindsey Lohan
  • Fern Britton - Fearne Cotton
  • Sam Rockwell - Dean Stockwell
  • Mark Steel - Mark Thomas
  • David Thewlis - David Threlfall
  • Mick Hucknell - Michael Hutchence
  • Toby Litt - Tim Lott
  • Annie Lennox - Alice Cooper

Some of these I feel more justified in than others. The two Marks, for instance, are to all intents and purposes the same person - Annie and Alice, I accept, are not. In some cases, such as the Marks or Messrs Litt and Lott, I know there's two of them, but can never remember which wrote / appeared in what. In some cases, I think both people are one of them: I know, for instance, that there's a cosy middle aged TV presenter called Fern, but until I started writing this I'd never really established whether her surname was Britton or Cotton. Google now shows me that Fearne Cotton is a remarkably different kettle of fish. And in other cases, I have until recently thought there was one person, of whose name I was not certain, who had had the careers of both. Excusable, perhaps in the case of the two English actors of similar age called David Th-----; less so in the case of Messrs Hutchence and Hucknell. And positively actionable in the case of Mesdames Linney and Lohan.


Robert Hudson said...

Litt/Lott, Fern/Fearne, the Marks: completely. I have read one article by either Litt or Lott that I hated, and I have never again picked up a thing by either of them, which is really unfair (not least because there are many articles I have written which I hate). The pair I have always confused for no good reason: John Updike and Norman Mailer.

Marie said...

I remember my friend Dom, he of the Pelican Pie / bald ginger people, saying musingly once: "For some reason I always get Paul Merton mixed up with Paul Merson." He was genuinely surprised when I suggested why that might be.

simon kane said...

Geoff Capes and JFK I always had a problem with. Also Henry Gibson and Henrik Ibsen. And Simon Mayo and Chairman Mao of course.
Oh and Charlton Heston and the Charleston.

Karyn said...

I always get Norman Wisdom and Norman Collier confused. I have also given up trying to distinguish David Threlfall and Philip Martin Brown...

Catherine Gee said...

I had a three-way mix up of similar ilk yesterday, I managed to get Danny Boyle and Roddy Doyle mixed up, and then realised that both were irrelevant because I was actually trying to refer to Danny WALLACE.

Rebecca McMonies said...

Vince Vaughn and Johnny Vaughn - I refused to watch The Wedding Crashers for three years because I thought it was Johnny. I should have continued to refuse because it was utter Garbage!!

Corinna A. said...

Warren Zevon
Warren Buffett
Jimmy Buffett

I know it's a bit creepy to leave a comment on a years-old blog entry but I've found the only venue in which this brilliant connection of mine ever has even a chance of being relevant. Cheers.

Дени said...

Ingrid Bergman and Ingmar Bergman
I obviously know that they are two separate individuals, but I actually have to take a second when I'm about to pronounce either name so as to get the right one.

Jonathan N H said...

For donkey's years, I've done a mental flip between Roddy Doyle and Danny Boyle - maybe because I never knew what either of them looked like. (As of today, I have a mental image of both - so I'm kinda cured.) Had the thought - has anyone else made the same mix-up? Which led me to this great thread. I too confuse the two Fe(a)rn(e)s. Same reason - had no mental image for one of them. Thanks Corinna for making me grin.

Anonymous said...

Ian McEwan and Ewan MacGregor