Friday, 25 June 2010

Now. And again.

Hello. Excitingly (for me) I'm back on The Now Show this evening: 6:30 on Radio 4; repeated at 12:30 tomorrow; available thereafter from here  and also (I am urged to tell you) as a podcast here: BBC Friday Comedy Podcast.

I can't pretend my section is all that satirically hard-hitting this week. It's largely about bees. And when it's not about bees, it's about aardvarks.

And now, just so that this post isn't all advert, a picture quiz. How many people can you see in this photo?

Just a girl in a white top sitting alone under a tree, right? Actually, no. Look again, and you should be able to make out a girl dressed in black and a boy in blue sitting next to her. Some people claim they can see a fourth figure, but actually that's just a red push-chair.


simon kane said...

If you cross your eyes slightly it turns into Wham.

Stu said...

Heaven's above.

Co-presenting? Mitch Benn at Glastonbury, Hugh Dennis (although credited) nowhere to be seen/heard, Jon Holmes (bless his little cotton socks) also absent.

I hope that Messers Dennis and Holmes have notes from Matron?

What happens next Thursday then? You on your tod?

... there's always Arthur as backup, I suppose.

Steve Rideout said...

it's the shadowy figure in the background sitting on the bench that bothers me.

thestoryvaultteam said...

What about all the soldiers? Can no-one else see them?.. Wow.

thestoryvaultteam said...
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